Sunday, June 27, 2021

Summer Giveaway!


It's time to help me re-home some soap. I've got 98 (!) full sized bars of it to get rid of. Fourteen of each of the seven big batches that I had so much fun making six weeks ago. 

This giveaway will be a little bit different than the others. I don't have a printer anymore so I am not wrapping the soap up in a fancy little outfit. It's coming in a bag with this cobbled together label stuck on it so you will know which scent is which. 

If it doesn't have a little outfit on it also won't be wearing it's official ingredient list either so here it is:

Water, lye, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, canola oil, castor oil, apricot kernel oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, avocado oil,  hemp oil, coco butter, shea butter, palm kernel flakes, goat's milk powder, yogurt powder, kaolin clay and sodium lactate. For those that have color and fragrance: mica and fragrance oils. 

As lovely as it is-it is soap. Keep it out of your eyes, rinse well and remember it's slippery. Discontinue use if it causes any irritation. When it arrives remove it from its bag and store it in a dry, cool place if you are not using it right away. It should last a year or so and will grow milder as it ages. When you do use it remember it will last longer if it gets to dry off in between uses. I sit mine on a cotton dishcloth and they last forever. Too long imho. I can't get rid of them.

So now...let's meet the soap:

I've got one batch of unscented, uncolored goat's milk soap. I keep it away from all the other curing soap so it truly is unscented. When my allergies are bad this is the one I reach for. 

On the left I have my botched batch of Lemon scented soap. It smells divine but it's not particularly pretty. This was the first of the batches and I forgot to add the scent so I had to mix all my pretty colors together to add the fragrance. 

On the right I have some lightly scented Pine soap. I've got a thing about pine soap right now. It reminds me of summer camp even though I've never been to summer camp. I love it. 

On the left I have some "Olive" scented soap which doesn't smell like olive but has a nice herbal scent to it. It reminds me of rosemary. This one has a two kinds of olive oil, regular and pomace. 

On the right I have the old favorite Milk and Honey. I added real honey to this one. 

Finally on the left I have Violet scented soap. Florals heat up so it has pretty glycerin crackles running through it. It's the strongest scent of all of the batches. It's not overwhelming but it's not exactly subtle either. 

On the right I have the crazy botched batch which is incredibly conditioning and smells a bit medicinal. It's all natural with tiny bit of herbal essential oils and colored clay. It's nothing to look at but I loved it. It's a true luxury bar that should be used right away. All those free oils won't last as long as a regular bar. 

This is a rather low key event but riding along with the soap will be this card-more or less. The background papers will all be different because I am running out of what I have and paper crafting supplies are hard to come by online at the moment I've discovered. I don't sign it or write in it so you can send it off to someone else. 

You know what to do.
Message me your address and three favorites on either Ravelry or at and sometime this summer I'll see that you get two of them-no strings attached.


  1. It's that summer event again-Yay!!!!
    The soap looks wonderful and as always, your generosity is overwhelming!

  2. You are so lovely and generous. The soaps are gorgeous and the card is too cute.

  3. Such a good person you are.
    There would have to be 6 of me or more to be able to do all that you accomplish.
    Let alone the kitchen revamp. Good luck with that! Thanks.

  4. I can't do the soap right now ... I am having terrible skin allergies this year. But, I wanted to say I think they ALL look beautiful and it is so generous of you to share all of that AND send a beautiful card!

  5. Thanks! I sent you an email! This is such a great give away1

  6. the soap looks amazing :-) I was going to enter but I'm hearing horror stories about various extra postage charges both ends for things coming into the uk at the moment so I'll just admire from the photos xx