Saturday, June 19, 2021

Fiber Tales


Couch quilting isn't the only thing I am doing during the Euro Cup. I spin during the first game of the day. Pup hates it. She gives me the stink eye and barks at me for the first half hour or so and then plops down in a royal pout. None of this bodes well for the Tour. I've forgotten what a pain she is. She hates the wheel for some reason. 

My Tour project is almost ready to be plied. I only meant to sample the fiber but the wheel has been calling my name. It is so relaxing it's like meditation. It's a great way to start the day.

I even cleared out one side of my dining room cabinet which is now in my living room for the remodel and filled it with my spinning doo dads. I am so ready for the Tour. I need my daily dose of Phil Liggett.  Let the spin begin!


  1. Oooh, that is making some pretty, pretty yarn. Poor Pup. I wonder if she's jealous of the wheel or afraid. I can't wait to have time to sit in my chair and knit or crochet to my hearts content. Maybe in another week or so we'll have things under control here.
    Although, I will have to paint all of the closets soon for the same reason Val mentioned. Nicotine. The painters already painted them but they just plain reek of smoke still. For now I have several air freshners in each one, but I'm going to have to repaint too.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. There are so many wonderful sporting events in the future, the Euro Cup, Tour, Olympics, it will be so much fun.

  3. Beautiful to see the spun yarn-very soft in color and texture--nice job. Sorry Pup is a pain about it! Silly, Pup!

  4. I've just emptied my bobbins ready for the tour, like you, I set out to sample and ended up spinning far too much. I'm busy weighing out fibre to pack in the van as I will be starting the tour on a campsite :-)

  5. Look at you go! Glad you let pup know you are the boss! My Fireman is waiting for the TOUR to begin! I need Phil's voice too. It brings memories of a time that was tough, but I got through it!