Sunday, June 6, 2021

Stash Appraisal


It was blistering hot and humid outside yesterday so I found myself inside for the day looking for something to do. What I found was a lot of fiber stashed all over the house that needed to be sorted before the Tour. 

The living room used to be where I did my spinning but it's full of boxes of kitchen stuff so I've got baskets like this all over the house and I mean ALL OVER THE HOUSE. 

I've got bins of fiber piled up in corners. 

I've got boxes of rolags......

.....and batts waiting to be spun. 

I've got so many spindle projects going I don't know which is which anymore. 

That didn't stop me from starting a new one. I found this beautiful garnet colored Merino and thought that it would make a lovely lacy shawlette one day. I know I'll never finish it but that never stops me. 

What I need to finish are those thrummed mittens I started last winter that are now gathering dust with the rest of the fiber stash. 

Then there is this. This is the newest addition to the fiber stash that is destined for this year's Tour spinning. It's a pretty Polwarth/Silk blend

I decided to give it a test spin and as soon as I did I remembered that I hate spinning silk blends. They don't draft easily and bunch up on you to make a rather clumpy single. I'm still going to spin it. I just won't love doing it. 


  1. Those batts, those rolags. So beautiful! You have lots and lots of fiber. I thought I remembered you saying you didn't have much, but I must be wrong. Maybe it was an entire fleece that you haven't gotten lately?
    Anyway, I'm envious of your fiber stash and I don't even spin anymore. Is that wrong of me?
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. You have given us a tour of fiber beauty! That silk is going to be all sorts of crazy and will fluff everywhere but it will be stunning when finished.

  3. Those thrummed mittens need to go to the top. They are too pretty not to finish. If we had a winter like LAST winter, you sure could use them.

  4. Oh, but you have a lovely fiber stash!!!! I think the newest polwarth/silk is a beauty of a roving--hope you will learn to appreciate the design element of the slubs and enjoy the spin! (I forgot the Tour starts this month--I'm in trouble; I have oldest son and family coming for a 2 1/2 week visit-I haven't seen him or his two girls for 5 years!!!!!)

  5. Looks like you're going to be doing lots of spinning in the days to come! Still wish you lived close enough to give lessons...