Friday, June 11, 2021

Paper Work


It's hard to believe it's almost the middle of June already. I've got a lot of soap that will be cured in the next few weeks and no way to print labels anymore. When Google discontinued Cloud Print my printers were effectively dead since all I have is a Chromebook. I'm cobbling together old labels with some hand lettering to cut and paste something that will let me identify which bar is which once I wrap them. It won't be fancy but it should work.

Since I like to enclose a card with the soap I'm re-homing I've also been experimenting with Lawn Fawn's latest stamp set release Happy Hugs. 

I think this works. If all goes well in the curing department I should be announcing the summer giveaway on the 27th. Watch this space. 


  1. The changes they make really mess with those of us who like having an area conquered and then set in stone! Set in stone is not the lay of the tech world, unfortunately! Great job anyway with the labels and cards!!!

  2. This past year, it was hugs I missed the most!