Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


Woo hoo....Festive Doodle's body is done and now I'm on the first sleeve. 

Speaking of sleeves, I've picked up Althea again and made progress on one of her sleeves. 

The cable project was very naughty. Some of it went to the frog pond because I apparently can't measure any better than I can count these days. Then I had to take all the skeins and wind them into balls because....knot. Lots and lot of knots. Some were just inches apart. That polka dot stand behind it is new. I love my other knitting stand so when I saw this one on Amazon I had to have it. It's the best part of this project at the moment.

It's not the only new thing. I also found this sheep zipper bag that is big enough to hold my two at a time magic loop projects. They are too big for a regular sized bag and too small of a big one. This one is perfect. I also found it on Amazon. 

Speaking of socks, I only have these two pair of man socks on the needles now. I love that blue. It's Hawthorne and it promises to be drama free. 

I am still having fun with my hooky project. I've got nine more to show for this week and that makes 15 little squares in all now. How fun are they?


  1. Wow! So many beautiful projects. Love that sheep bag too. The Festive Doodle sweater makes my brain tired thinking of knitting that. I am NOT a colorwork person. I think I've finally admitted that.

  2. Fabulous projects! I’m am in awe of your color work knitting: it’s gorgeous.

  3. love it all! Festive doodle looks amazing!

  4. Nice to see all the knits! The two sweaters are beauties! The new knitting bags are perfection-makes the project so portable and pretty!
    The crocheted blocks look great-I like how the colors make different rows show up more than others--it's gonna shine!

  5. Very cool projects. The granny squares are in such happy colors.