Monday, May 3, 2021

Silly Sunday


The only thing I wanted to do yesterday was crawl up on the couch and knit the day away. Last week was a pip and I needed a break. After I finished all my chores that's exactly what I did.....sort of.

Just as I had settled in and got my knitting in a place I didn't want to put down The Mister decided that we needed to take Pup out for a walk before it got too hot. I had a headache and was very tired and I should have said no right then and there but instead I went along for the ride with an attitude that ended up with us having words about the sense of walking a little dog on hot asphalt because a certain someone wanted to look at boats in the very crowded weekend marina when he would never think of buying a boat but hey, why we don't just go annoy people who actually do buy boats while they are trying to take care of their boat business-okay? In a huff I left him and the car and walked home in the heat forgetting it was all uphill. Oy.

He was already home when I dragged in. I had a good cry then we had a big laugh. It was a terrible week for both of us and it apparently took a bigger toll on us than we had realized. Re-entry has not been easy. I had my woes all week and The Mister got his big one on Saturday. He's been looking forward to going back to his favorite little coffee shop on the boardwalk all year and when he finally went in to get his coffee it had all been changed. The new owner turned it into a Starbucks like place that he hated. All of the small town charm was gone and the coffee was expensive, mediocre and cold. The scone was pretty meh too. This little place figured huge in The Mister's daily routine so it was a cruel blow. 
It's an awful feeling when you realize that over the past year the world went on without us.....and it really stinks. Sigh.


  1. I'm sure glad you were able to have a laugh after the cry but sorry you had to walk home in the heat.
    Also sorry about the Misters coffee shop. Why does everything have to modernized and sterized so it all looks the same?
    I sure hope this week is better and THANK YOU again my dear friend.
    Blessings and love,

  2. I sure do hope this week is better for you! Take care.

  3. There has been more stress than we realize. Grateful you can cry and laugh your differences away-that is one good part about being older together! Hang in there!

  4. Sounds like you both needed a good cry! Some days it is hard to muddle through! Chin up!

  5. Change is hard. Hope this week is better for you!

  6. Oh Deb. Im sorry. Ive done similar things by saying yes to something I feel obligated to do. Last week , we cut a massive evergreen down. I took all the pieces and logs while fireman used the chainsaw to cut it up . WE showered and not more than 2 hours later he said, "Do you want to go for a walk or something?"
    No. No I told him. No. One tree split and stacked was enough for me. He went by himself. WE were both on edge. But I must say we had some other days where getting back to outside life was good. We'll get there. All of us. I m sorry the Misters place is gone!!!!! Hang on. we are here in blogland if you need us

  7. I had a walk round town yesterday on the way to a hospital appointment, so many shops no longer there :-( . Also , we are still only allowed outside dinning and drinks and many places had closed due to the bad weather. Heading back to Scotland soon and keeping my fingers crossed that things are a little better there. xx