Thursday, May 27, 2021

Signs of the Time


A few days ago we watched them spread new sand on our little beach.

Then these popped up all over the place. Last year the beaches were closed but this year it seems they are going to open on a limited basis requiring tickets. 

They weren't the only new signs that have popped up recently.  Apparently there has been a turtle catching issue that needs to be solved. Crabs only are for catching but they are hard to come by right now. We tried to get some for this weekend but there are none to be found. It's been cold and the bay has been angry so the crabs have been hiding. I don't blame them.

It's not an environmental issue thank goodness. Just weather related. The experts say there are plenty of female crabs to be found which will give us lots of baby crabs when the weather warms up and calms down. We watched two young ladies paint the storm drain in front of the welcome center last week reminding us that the bay is recovering quite nicely but not out of the woods yet. 

We need to go get a reading to see if the crabs will be running by the 4th of July. The family is pretty disappointed right now. 

All this crab talk wouldn't even have been happening last year. It would be nice if it would happen this year but things are not quite back to normal yet. 

The lack of signs is the biggest sign that we still have a ways to go for normal. By now the lamp posts are usually hung with banners advertising the Dragon Boat Festival-not happening and the Friday Night Farmers Market/Boardwalk Music and Booze fest-also not happening this year again. 

The people may not be having as much fun as we used to here on the Chesapeake but at least the wildlife seems to be enjoying it. 


  1. I love to watch them dump and spread the sand-they do it on our beaches, too. The extras are coming back slowly but hoping this summer we'll make our own low key fun-picnics and walks, etc!
    I like the hand painted sidewalk sign!

  2. I hope the crabs will be there for the 4th of July for you too. You wouldn't want the family to mutiny!
    The painted sign is very creative. Good job for the girls who did it!
    Our farmers markets have reopened but everything is outdoors. Of course it's all new to me, but apparently they normally have some craft booths under cover and they will also be outside this year.
    Slowly but surely we will get things back.

  3. What has been "bad" for the humans has probably been very GOOD for the critters.

  4. Sorry the weather and the crab availability didn’t mesh this year in time for Memorial Day. More and more places here are lifting mask requirements for vaccinated individuals, but I wonder how many without masks are truly vaccinated.

  5. Hope you are easing toward normal soon!

  6. I wish we had beach limited signs, gosh it was a total mess when we went early on Saturday. People were so, so close to us as the morning went on. I mean I almost yelled at them but got out of there instead.