Saturday, May 8, 2021

New Stuff


Like many of you I walked around yesterday in a daze over the sudden loss of our blog friend Teresa. The only thing I managed to accomplish was unwrapping some packages I had in the time out bin. Yes, I still do that. I know there is no real reason but it makes me feel better. 

I have some more blue wool for Rainbow Kitty. I should have plenty now. 

I haven't been sleeping well and I've been spending too much time on quilting websites in the middle of the night looking for inspiration. The Daily Deal nabbed me twice. I ended up with a new Kaffe Fassett jelly roll and then a few nights later I bought another big pack of pretty 2.5 inch batik strips. I had a project planned for those batik strips but now I've forgotten what it was. Typical. 

The Kaffe Fassetts just keep piling up. I think I am officially a collector now. 
Aren't they pretty just as they are?

I had two new to me Nancy Drew mysteries in the bin. I am just finishing up # 5 so I was happy to find #6 and #7 on Ebay. In book #5 Nancy was knitting a sweater for her dad when someone stole her knitting bag. Can you imagine? She got it back-but it had a threatening note in it. Whoa......look out Nancy. 

And finally....I got some new hooks for my Audun blanket. I have the wooden Knit Picks set and while they are pretty I don't like using them. I thought I'd try some plastic ones and some metal ones to see if it makes a difference. I haven't tried them yet because right now I am wallowing in sad. I never met Teresa but I referred to her posts so many times even The Mister knew her by name. It's such a terrible loss. I hope that her family can take some comfort from knowing how many of us yarny folks will miss her. 


  1. Teresa was such a force, she was so dedicated to so much. My heart is broken, I have been walking around in a daze as well. I think there will be such a hole in the blogging world where she is supposed to be. Sending you a big, big hug.

  2. It was very sad to hear about Teresa. She will be missed.

  3. My favourite crochet hooks are Addi. Got them on eBay.
    Cheryl (aka seajaes on ravelry)

  4. The loss of a blog friend still hurts and leaves a heavy loss feeling...
    I'm glad you can finish the sky for rainbow kitty. The new strips are beautiful--check out this website on YouTube--I enjoy watching her for inspiration--like finishing a panel quilt cuz I own a pile of them!

  5. I almost bought that Kaffe jelly roll myself!

  6. I've been crying off and on ever since Dayle called me. I'm heart-broken. Teresa was a great friend to me and to many in the blogging world. If she didn't hear from me for a few days, she was texting to make sure all was well. I'm going to miss her and our shared loved of the Gorge too. All of her historical groups are going to be lost without her. What a gift she was to so many. I still cannot, will not, believe she is gone when we just talked on Tuesday. I hear her voice telling me to "slow down, the house will be in order soon enough. Take care of myself." It's unreal.
    It feels wrong somehow to tell you the mundane fact that my very favorite of all crochet hooks are the Susan Bates that you have on the left in the picture, although I made polymer clay handles for mine to make the handles bigger. It saves a lot of stress on my hands.
    Take care my friend. We'll all remember our dear Teresa together.

  7. I have a bunch of hooks, I have a few favorite some very old plastic one from about 40 years ago are my is a different plastic than they make today. Enjoy your project! I am working on a Mosaic is fun but with spring work outside I have little time to do it...the gal lives in NZ so they are going into winter!

  8. I've had insomnia ever since I went back to school after winter break, so I'm with you in the wee hours. I don't usually shop at night -- all those warnings about screens and sleep.
    I love reading old teen novels. The pre-WWI books are pretty sappy.