Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


The stitching table was still being used for soap this week but in spite of the mess Mr. Very Big Goose has a head. He's still missing his lower body but at least he looks like a goose now. 

My little village is getting ready to turn another corner. It seems a very big peacock has moved into the neighborhood.

I've made another sail and another little flag on the nautical sampler but I really need to get that rope done at the top so I can roll it up a bit. There's a boat under those sails that I need to get to so I can make sure everything lines up. I'm learning that when you are winging it little things like that really matter. 


  1. Nice progress on your projects - good to see that the goose finally has a head - LOL, Looks like there will be a pretty pink flower to the left of the goose. I really like the village surrounding your Quaker square too. And the nautical sampler is SO detailed!! Very nice.

  2. Oh no....not a peacock. They are messy and loud.

    But, your looks quite well behaved. LOL

  3. Wow-real progress is showing up on the stitching this week! I like the emerging goose! lol

  4. Nice work, especially on that closely woven fabric! I need to get in the habit of needlework on Tuesdays; then I might actually finish something. Happy soap making! You are so multi-talented!

  5. YOu have made great progress this week haven't you? The goose is growing by leaps and bounds and I love that little village. I'm with Dee though, peacocks are loud birds. Our friends had them by their house when they rented the guest cottage on an estate. Those birds can scream! The sails are so cool, I can almost feel the breeze making them wave.
    I hope you're having a wonderful evening Deb.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. The more I see of the nautical sampler, the more I like it. Was it on the cover of a cross-stitch magazine several years ago?