Thursday, May 6, 2021

Baby Steps


Last week was terrible in terms of re-entry into the land of the living but this week wasn't so bad. After my traumatic post office experience I almost had a nervous breakdown on my way to get my driver's license renewed. I had just gotten the notification before last spring's lockdown and now fully vaxxed I needed to make an appointment to get it done. I was scared to death but it went like clockwork. Every step of the way was overseen by their security folks. There was no chance I could mess this up. I was elated. 

I felt so good when I came out look where I ended up. JOANNE'S. The Mister need some tools for his model making hobby and when we stopped there the place was empty. He went in and then I went in because we had Pup in the car. Ahhhh.....yarn. 

Ahhhhh.......fabric. Look at those colors. I was the only one in the place. I didn't touch anything. I just sailed through and looked and looked and looked. It was enough for now. Baby steps, right?

Pup had to spend a lot of time in the car waiting while we did our errands. Her reward was to stop for her favorite lunch-peeled chicken nuggets We tail gated in a shady spot like old times. I only had a diet Coke which gave me a nice case of the jitters but I didn't mind. I was on cloud nine and almost felt human again. 

The Mister surprised me by buying me this bag when he was in Joanne's and it's a good thing because when we got home I had a big box on the porch. I've got something new in the works-something big and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

And the icing on the cake? CAKE. A quick stop at the local Mom and Pop grocer for some dinner items on the way home resulted in a piece of coconut custard layer cake for dessert. Heaven.

And there was more.....look what we found in the wine aisle. Sheepy wine from New Zealand. Crazy, right? What a great day.


  1. What a great day you had!!! That wine label is fabulous!

  2. You had a BANNER day!!! Enjoy all those treats!

    Boy, you Joanns sure is stocked better than ours. Ours looks like the sixth day of a jumble sale.

  3. What a good, good day for you. I'm so glad that this day went so much better for you.
    Would would have thought sheep made wine? :-)

  4. Excellent! I’m thrilled your day was a good one.

  5. Glad this day went like it should've. I still feel the need to go tell the post office person to be gentle with us all.

  6. I'm so happy for you!!!! This is what your re-entry was supposed to be like! Even Pup looks very excited!

  7. Re-entry is hard isn't it? Although I have been in my Joannes a hundred times because as you know Florida has been open forever, I did have a nervous breakdown about eating out. I wanted to go because my SIL's were leaving and wanted to go out, but I made sure we ate outside away from everyone because taking that mask off to eat just frightened me to death.