Tuesday, May 25, 2021

TNT: Getting Organized


After cleaning up the soap mess that was all over the stitching table I decided to take the time to really get my stitching projects in order before I started working on them again. This is what they usually look like.

I used to keep them each in their own jumbled mess of a scrapbook box but no more. 

Now they are all tucked into these zipper pouches which take up a lot less room. 

Along with the pouches, I bought a new bobbin case for all the random bits of floss I have. It's quite a pile. 
I also got some cardboard floss organizers for individual projects. 

I've got enough cards to organize the colors by motif as well as by project. I like to have it all in one place. I hate digging around looking for the color I need. 

The bobbin cases get filled pretty quickly. I may have to order more. This is just the floss for that sampler with the big goose that I am working on. 

I spent all day yesterday working at organizing but I'm still only halfway through dealing with all the stray floss. I did get a bit done on the Village Quaker on Saturday but I was trying to watch the Eurovision Finale and stitch at the same time so I didn't get very far. 

All I have to say about that is...Italy, really? I guess there must be a lot of Spinal Tap fans still out there.  Rock on. 



  1. Must have been the week for cross stitch stash organizing. I did my DMC too. Now I feel prepared for the next project.

  2. Haha, I've just spent the last day doing pretty much the same all kits listed and all fabric listed to make life that bit easier. Just need to start on the fleece stash next !!

  3. What a good feeling and it sure helps to know what you have and what you have forgotten! lol

  4. Looks good and now you can fill those empty containers:)

  5. I thought the boxes were a good idea until I saw how much less room the zipper bags take. I keep all of my floss in the floss boxes in numerical order but there is always one or two that I'm missing for a project. I can't wait to show my "Sheep Virtues" soon. I have them back from the framer but I want to have them hung before I show it.

  6. Organized supplies makes it easier to work on a project. I didn’t realize that individual floss organizers were available. My floss is wound on bobbins and in three cases, but I did like using the cards that came with kits. Love the zippered cases, too.