Friday, May 28, 2021

Friday Felines


I am on the 4th go round on Rainbow Kitty.

He looks like this now. There's such a long way to go but it's pleasant enough to work on. I just may keep at it until it's done which is not like me at all. 

It helps to have really good wool to work with. This blue is really, really nice. It's a pleasure to cut it into strips which is something that I find strangely satisfying. I could do it all day.

Rainbow kitty is a bit cramped these days because the real kitties decided they like to plant their butts on The Mister's latest paint by number project. After the big art journal disaster my craft rooms are off limits to kitties so he keeps it in my downstairs room when he's not working on it. 

Rainbow kitty is safe because he sits on a frame that is covered in spikes. Kitty butts would get a good piercing if they planted anything on it. I do it to myself quite regularly and I've got the scars to prove it. 


  1. What is it with cats and sitting on our projects???? LOL

    Does it help to know you aren't alone???

  2. Yes, kitties ALWAYS like to sit on projects...or open books...or anything that you are using! I love Rainbow Kitty - one of my favorites of your projects.

  3. Naughty kitties to sit on the Mister’s painting! Rainbow kitty is adorable.

  4. They want to be wherever we are. I remember that about our George. Heaven forbid if you wanted to read a newspaper. You could forget that!

  5. Oh, I love how this hooking project is coming-no wonder you want to keep working on it!
    I tried to order a paint by number kit and found just the 'one' and it was on back order...

  6. I've had a week and rainbow kitty cheered me up as soon as I saw him! thank you!