Saturday, May 22, 2021

Strung Out


It's no secret that I've been having lots of issues dealing with all this Covid stuff. It ignited anxieties in me that I didn't even know existed. One of my coping strategies has been guided meditation. I even bought some mala beads recently but I didn't like the feel of them so I restrung them yesterday.

You use mala beads like prayer beads. You pull them one at a time slowly through your fingers to help focus your mind when it starts to wander as you concentrate on the message you are trying to send yourself. There are 108 beads for 108 breaths. The problem with the string of beads I bought is that the beads were strung too close together to be able to really feel each of them. I have a giant bead collection so I added spacers between them and substituted some of the original beads out for some of mine to mark divisions of the quarters and mid point. 

I had a good time playing with my bead collection. I used to make my own stitch markers from them and haven't in ages. 

Ta da.....much better. helps. It really does. 


  1. You did a beautiful job. The color of those beads is so soothing. Hope they help.

  2. Very pretty. I'm glad it helps you cope with the fear we hear generated at us!

  3. I think they are very pretty and your beads in between are beautiful too. It was a great idea to put spacers so you can feel them. Although I am not catholic, I often use beads in my prayers to help me to concentrate and my mind doesn't wander as much with something to hold on to. I hope it helps you cope with the anxiety that many are feeling.

  4. Lovely! Love those little turtles in your collection.

  5. I like this idea very much.
    It looks and sounds like it would make a great gift as well.
    Now, this , I think I could manage. :)

  6. I am a mala bead fan myself, I have a turquoise and colored bead (representing the chakras) hanging in my car. I think yours is stunning. They help!

  7. Well done I like playing with my beads too! Not enough hours in the day!