Friday, May 21, 2021



Yarn wasn't the only thing that showed up in the mail this week. Look at these beauties. 

Since the MDSW was cancelled again this year I felt like I needed to do some online fiber shopping. My stash is pretty dismal at the moment. This is some Polwarth/Silk. It's so soft and pretty. 

This is Humbug Merino. I had never heard of Humbug Merino but it's apparently when you mix dark and light fibers to get that stripy effect. I love it. It's almost too pretty to spin. 

The Tour starts in June this year and I'm pretty sure we will be knee deep in kitchen remodeling then so I doubt much will get done but I still want to free up a wheel for my pretty new babies just in case. I've got these singles on the Ladybug right now and I've just started to ply them but it's not going well....

See what I mean? That's some way overspun chain plying right there. I also broke the string on the tension thingy and had to repair that. 

To make matters worse, I even ended up braking the drive band. My first attempt at spinning in a long while was like a Charlie Chaplin comedy routine with me fighting that wheel. I lost. Sigh.....

And.......I had someone ask me yesterday if the nautical sampler was from the cover of a cross stitch magazine. It sure is. From 1989. How many years have I been working on this? Don't tell me. I don't want to know.

And.....I also had someone ask me if I was giving up making soap. Nope. I'm just waiting for fresh supplies. I wanted to use up all the leftovers before I ordered more. I've got some more of my favorite fragrances on the way as well as.....

... a $35 bottle of laurel berry oil to make more Aleppo soap. Of all the soap I've made this is my absolute favorite. It takes a full year to cure so I've got to get some in the molds as soon as it gets here before I run out of my precious, dwindling supply. 


  1. Oh, a spinning day like that can sure put you in a tailspin instead! The new braids of wool are gorgeous!

  2. That is some gorgeous fiber. And almost makes me wish I hadn't given up my wheel when my back got so bad. I'm sorry the spinning experience was clouded with icky things.
    I guess I thought that Humbug was just part of a name. I didn't realize it had a reason.

  3. Thanks for confirming that my memory is still intact. Can you tell I’m a visual learner? I loved the Cross Stitch magazine and subscribed (and saved every issue) for years.

  4. Looks like you've got plenty of fun to keep you busy!

  5. I subscribed to the Cross Stitch Magazine too! I finally put mine in a box to sell or give away at a garage sale some day:)

  6. I think about spinning. But I think of supported spindle spinning. IM frustrated with my knitting lately. My current Mexican socks are playing chicken with me and may just win.....

  7. That soap is gorgeous and so are all your new fun things. I have to confess I have bought more yarn recently, it came the day I found out Teresa had died, it was a gift from the Universe that I had ordered a few weeks prior. Stay safe.