Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday WIPs and an FO


The last of the Arne and Carlos Pairfects are done. It only took me four pairs to figure out how to make that yarn work the way I wanted it to. 

The latest Felicis are making me crazy. There is something about that colorway that I just don't like. It looks fine on the socks but for some reason it is not pleasant to knit. I just hate picking them up. Thank goodness they are almost done.

I am really enjoying working with the Static. It's a good thing I'm in the mood for some nice, dull colors because I have a bunch of man socks that need to be made. It will be the summer of the man sock for sure. 

Festive Doodle only has three more rows to go before I am supposed to start the hem. It looks a little short to me right now but I am no judge of these matters and we all know that knitting tends to lie. I will have to break out the tape measure before I start that ribbing for sure. 

The cable project is coming along. There are still a lot of moving parts with this one so the verdict is still out. So far, so good but the hard part is yet to come. 


  1. Beautiful knitting Deb! I love all your projects. Festive Doodle is just amazing.

  2. The socks are looking good and you are almost done so hang in there even if they all aren't thrilling you! the sweaters are amazing--as always.

  3. I love all those cables on that last project. They are awesome.

  4. Fabulous knitting projects. Like Dee, I love the cables.

  5. Love it all. Those pairfects are just perfect - spectacular colours!

  6. the Felici socks ARE bright, but really happy too and I really, really like the man socks with the Static yarn. I may have to order some soon. I hope to be able to play with yarn again before long. It's taking way too long to get this house in order.
    Festive Doodle always amazes me. Your patience is unbelievable as are the cables. You are one talented knitter. I like to make cables but I think those would drive me batty.
    Blessings and hugs,

  7. Oh isn't sock yarn funny ? I have some I love and others I won't touch again. I'm knitting a pair of socks from the yarn I got in mexico. Its a blue tartan plaid sort of like my high school uniform! Socks are making me feel good, so socks it is.

  8. look at all this gorgeous knitting, it makes me want to get off this computer and knit!