Thursday, May 13, 2021

More Soap Tales


This week's soap making adventure had a couple of hits and a miss. The first hit was a big batch of unscented goat's milk soap. No spots this time. I let everything get nice and cool before I started combining things. 

Next was the miss. After I had poured the lye water into the melted oils I noticed that there was a crust of lye at the bottom of the pitcher. Not good. That means that these two loaves have a lot less lye than they need to turn into soap. They did harden up a bit but they are still a bit soft. I should have just tossed it all but I am going to let it cure and see what happens. 

To make up for that bad batch I made another big batch the next day. I tried to get too fancy with too many colors with this one and it got a bit sloppy. There is a such thing as having too much fun when it comes to making soap. Time is never on your side. You have to move fast before it thickens up or you get glops. I got glops.

I made a big old mess with this double batch of Olive Leaf and Fig scented soap but I did get it in the molds without too much drama. 

Here it is on the chopping block the next morning. Not bad considering the mess I made with it. 

This is what a loaf looks like before I start cutting it. I use a little cheese cutting board.

It's not my favorite scent but it did turn out pretty. What does an olive leaf and a fig smell like anyway? Not like this, that's for sure. 


  1. They are all so pretty. One of my favorite perfumes was from Thymes and it was called Fig Leaf and Cassis. Sadly it is not made any more...

  2. aw. Dang. I still think it came out pretty!

  3. I suppose even the ones that don't turn out perfect can still wash hands.

    The bottom one is very pretty.

  4. Incredible batches! I love the way it works out when you play with colors.

  5. It all looks amazing to me! Well done.

  6. I think it is all beautiful! Well done! The glops turned out perfectly. I think we are all harder on ourselves that we should be. I'm sorry about missing some posts but we've been incredibly busy. I have been falling asleep at night. It's really ridiculous. I feel old. How can I be old?

  7. The soap in the loaf looks like Neapolitan
    ice cream. Isn't that where a lot of olives and figs are used in cooking and grown.
    Does it smell like a good pasta dish?