Friday, May 7, 2021

Playing Hooky


Every once in a while I get the crochet bug. Once upon a time I made this.....

.....and this. Both were Attic 24 CALs and they took me years to finish. I'd work on them, lose interest, work on them, lose interest. Rinse and repeat.

You would have thought that the miserable time I had crocheting all that edging onto Lofoten recently would have scared me away from the hook but no......look what just showed up in the mail.

As soon as I saw what Arne and Carlos were up to I had to buy the pattern. It's their Audun blanket and I've been watching them make their little stacks and it seems to have got to me. Now I want to make some too in spite of my fear of the hook. Happily, they've got lots of crochet tutorials on their channel.

Just look at all those happy little balls of yarn. Even if all this comes to nothing at least I got to play with these little cuties for a while. 


  1. Oh wow! A BIG project. Beautiful colors.

  2. Love those bright and happy colors. Just the thing for a day like today. I'm going to have to check that blanket out. I've gotten behind on Arne and Carlos videos.

  3. Enjoy your new project. My crochet skills are practically nonexistent.

  4. You shouldn't get tired of a particular color, the balls are so small.
    Connecting the little buggers together might drive me batty. Look forward to seeing your progress.

  5. I enjoy a good project of crochet occasionally, too! This one is drool-worthy! Have fun!

  6. You've got the WHOLE rainbow and then some there! Happy hooking!

  7. Oh Lord I might just have to make a blanket now because you know I love crochet! A box of yarn is the best.