Tuesday, March 9, 2021

TNT: Sweet Gum Edition


Hello everybody! I don't have much stitching to show but I did keep busy this week with other things. Outside things. 

In spite to the cold and wind The Mister and I did battle against the gumballs that fall from our Sweet Gum Tree. We live on a hill and if you step on a cluster of them you will roll right down that hill and have to pick yourself up at the bottom. Don't ask me how I know this.

I wasn't much help with the rake because of my burns but I could use The Mister's grabber tool and pick up all the strays with my left hand. It took us two days to make a dent in them but I think after yesterday we've won the battle. 

There's not too many left up there at the moment thank goodness. When we had all those trees cut down a few years ago we really should have had this one taken down but we had no idea which tree was which at the time. You'd think after 30 years we would have identified them but we didn't and now we have to still rake up those blasted gumballs every year. 

This is it for tiny needle work. I finished one more row of the hexie table runner and have started to stitch it to the other rows. Between my burned arm, picking up gumballs and the Bin of Shame nothing else got worked on around here. I'm looking forward to some calmer days ahead. I hear the weather is about to take a turn for the better. 


  1. That's a LOT Of gumballs. Good for you getting most of them picked up. One of these days I'm going to tackle paper piecing. It looks relaxing. I always have too many other things going though.
    I got my first vaccine today. I feel fine so far. No sore arm...yet. Hopefully all will be well. Dennis asked if he even gave me the shot since I didn't even feel the needle! That nurse was good. :-)

  2. Look at that blue, blue sky!! Gorgeous. Those gumballs can be a real pain...I know!

  3. Is there anything that you can use the gumballs for? We don't have gumballs up here just lots of acorns that will roll you around to!

  4. As your weather prepares to turn nice, two back to back snow storms have Wyoming in their sights. It will be a cold and wet weekend.

  5. But, but but, I left you strict instructions to chill! I know I cannot let Fireman work out in the yard without helping too. Keep that burn really clean!!!!

  6. I feel you. We have a basswood on our front lawn. It drops these hard, smaller than marble size seed balls. When they get wet, they get super slippery and are absolutely treacherous to step on!

  7. Oh, my! Not exactly fun outside work but nice to be outside at least!