Wednesday, March 17, 2021

A St Patty's to Remember


The Mister made good on his promise to get me some Killian's for today. We had to go to several drive thru liquor stores but we got some on Monday.

I had planned on spending the day pampering him because his first Covid Vaccine appointment was for yesterday morning at the mass clinic they were holding at the senior center down the road. They hadn't called me yet. We have different last names so I figured maybe I would be coming up later in the month. I've been in no hurry. I've been scared to death of the whole thing. 

We were home about two hours when the phone rang. It was the clinic asking if I wanted a leftover vaccine. I had to get there before they closed up shop so I put on my lucky red underwear, grabbed my lucky crystal and my copy of Claire Weekes for support and off I ran. Ever since The Mister got the call for his appointment last week I've been in one big panic attack so getting it over quickly without time for me to think about it was a blessing. I'm fine- just exhausted from the ordeal and need to calm my silly ass down. Whew......and to think I have to go through this again in a month. 

In case you are wondering about Claire Weekes-she's the woman who got my mother out of the house after almost 30 years of being housebound due to agoraphobia. Anxiety runs in my family like blue eyes run in others. It's just a fact of life around here and this lady and her wisdom made it all a little easier to bear. 


  1. It is Smithwick's here! :-)

    I got my second vaccine today. Glad to have it over with.

    Hoping you have no unwanted side effects. So far, none here --- Moderna vaccine.

    Have a very happy St. Patrick's Day and congrats to you and the Mister.

  2. Oh hurray! You both got your shots. If you're waiting a month, you must have gotten Moderna? Dennis gets his second shot next Monday and I'm a week behind him. I'm waiting 7 days for full effectiveness for the Pfizer vaccine,(2 weeks for Moderna), and then I'm hitting the road for Nebraska if all goes as planned.
    How are you feeling after the first shot? I'm so excited for more people to vaccinated so we can get back to "normal." Whatever that is anymore. :-)
    Way to go Debbie.

  3. So glad you and The Mister have gotten your first shots. We are still registered and still waiting. We could have gone into Center City Phila. one evening to the convention center, but neither of us likes driving into town and honestly, I don't feel like being in a convention center with a million other people. We will wait for a more local opportunity.

  4. You have to know yourself...glad the shot was fast and furious so you didn't have to lose too much sleep over it! Rest up!

  5. Happy St. Pat's Day! Glad you got your first dose. It feels like such a relief to have it started, doesn't it? I got mine as a random extra dose also and it was great as I had no time to worry about it before it was over!

  6. Hurray for vaccination day! We'll still be months for ours, but as long as they keep vaccinating the vulnerable first, I'm cool with waiting.

    A lot of people don't realize anxiety is inherited. Some if it is how you were raised, most of it is chemical/genetics. Anxiety and depression run very strong through the maternal side of my family. It's pretty prevalent in Dave's family too, though he's the only one with an official diagnosis (the rest of them like to pretend it doesn't exist).
    It's not logical, and you can't just switch it off, so anyway you can find to cope with it is a triumph.

  7. Happy to hear you got the first shot without too much stress. I get my second shot tomorrow - I’m more than ready to start putting this all behind me.

  8. I am so glad you got the vaccine and had to do it in such a short time so you did not worry too much. I find there is just so much to worry about in the world and with family and friends. I told my son once my Mom worry meter is always at 90/100 even when things are all going great, it just seems it has to be very high all the time because that is just the way I am made. I worry about my kids, the world, Little Buddy all the time with all his issues, politics, voter suppression, global warming, my friends going through tough times, will I have enough patients? Will I have enough patience? See..... I can give you a run for your money. I am going to look up those books, thank you for the suggestion.

  9. I got my second yesterday and about 12 hours later I got a temp and felt rotten and my arm hurt like he double I iced it. I am tired and have been sleeping off an on. It is so worth it to have it behind me!! I don't have a lot of anxiety...but my husband is hard for me to understand...if I get stressed I just go to sleep...I guess we all deal with it differently:)