Monday, March 15, 2021

Sleepless but Not in Seattle


I had one terrible night's sleep on Saturday. I tossed and turned but barely got a wink. The only thing I had energy for yesterday was my grocery pick up. Kathy B....look what I got. We traded hilarious emails last week over the lack of buttermilk for soda bread but this year I hit the jackpot. Even without Covid this stuff is hard to find around here but this year I've got some. 

I have raisins and caraway seeds too. I soak my raisins in whisky-fruitcake style. I'll be a soda bread making fool on St Patrick's Day. I love the stuff. 

I also got one of these for The Mister. I had told him not to count on one this year but one showed up in the order-with a sweet little cabbage and some potatoes.

The only fly in my St Patrick's Day order was the cupcakes. The Mister loves these mini cupcakes but they were out of the green holiday ones. He doesn't care about the color and they won't last until St Patrick's Day anyway but it still would have been nice to have them. 

So what's The Mister's contribution to the feast? He better be bringing home the beer.


  1. Nice! That Killian's beer looks great - even at 7 a.m. - lol. I've never made soda bread.

  2. Sounds like the perfect meal to me!! Happy you got the buttermilk - I never knew there was 1% buttermilk! I grew up drinking real country buttermilk delivered to the little metal insulated box on the front porch. My son recently moved to Tennessee and was so excited that they can have milk delivered to the apartment from a local dairy! He's a very happy bunny when the chocolate milk comes!!

  3. You are going to have a feast! I love the mini cupcakes, but I quit buying them because I like them too much.

  4. It's nice you have the makings of a good meal for St Pat's day!

  5. I am truly lacking sleep myself, all last week and last night I was awake with a bad headache. Then I woke up every five minutes after 4 to look at the clock because I was afraid I would not wake up do to the time change. I have a strange habit of turning off my alarm in the middle of the night when I am asleep. Sigh, it was a long day! Glad you got all you needed, minus green icing of course.

  6. I don't think I've ever had soda bread. Maybe I'll need to try it sometime when I have a real oven. You have everything needed to celebrate the day!