Saturday, March 20, 2021

March Madness


My version of March Madness has nothing to do with basketball even though as I write this I am watching the tournament. I do fill out brackets over on ESPN every year but I never do very well. MY March Madness has to do with fleece. I bet you can't guess what's in that big box that showed up yesterday.

Yep. It's a dirty, stinky, smelly fleece. Actually it's not. It's not washed but it's lovely. As clean as you can hope for in the raw state. 

Meet Cari. Isn't she lovely? I found her on Etsy and she sold me 2 pounds of her pretty fleece to play with since my fleece shed is empty. I haven't been to a fiber festival in ages. In 2019 I missed the MDSW because of Son's wedding and we all know what happened after that. 

Cari is a Corriedale. I already have a big bin of Corriedale I washed and dyed. This Corriedale to be exact.

Corriedale is fun to play with. It washes well, it takes dye beautifully and cards and spins like a dream. 

It's not the softest of wool but it makes warm socks and.........

....and crazy sweaters. It's madness to have bought more but once the weather warms up I just know the spring fleece washing bug will bite me and I want to be ready. 


  1. Cari is lovely and very sweet of her to share some of her fleece to make such beautiful things.

  2. Cari was a very good business sheep. ;-)

    I loved knitting with corriedale sock yarn. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be a very popular yarn up here. It's HARD to find any. BFL - sometimes. Corrie --- not so much.

  3. Well, you definitely have to be ready when the spring fleece washing bug bites!
    That sweater is gorgeous, but I can only wear Corridale on my feet and hands.

  4. How could you resist Cari, she is a beauty. Have fun and stay safe.

  5. Oh, what a lovely fleece!!!! Yes, Spring is fleece washing and drying time--nice to look forward to it! Corriedale is the first fiber I spun and made a sweater out of!