Saturday, March 6, 2021

Single Minded


Usually I flit from project to project all day but for the past week I've been obsessed with getting the projects in the bin of shame finished. It took me two tries to get the first armhole ribbing picked up and knit on Tracery. There was a lot of ripping back and cussing but I think it's done. 

I've been picking up and knitting like crazy. It took me several tries to get the front plackets even on Lofoten but I think they are finally done too.

I even got the collar picked up and started but I ran out of the main color. I bought this kit ages ago so there is no chance that the colors will match but I ordered more anyway in hopes that the colorwork in the collar will disguise it. It's just two more rows and the lining. You may have noticed that there is a STEEK in the collar. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the directions. This should be interesting. 


  1. Steek. Just that word terrifies me. I am convinced that you are a genius because you can do it.
    Everything looks wonderful.

  2. Just when you think you are on the home sure is looking good-keep at it!

  3. A kit should always have extra yarn...buggers:(

  4. On my honor I vow to never, ever knit a SKEET!!!!!! I wish you the very best with yours and of course ordering more yarn.

  5. Nothing that gorgeous can come out of a "bin of shame" -- although that name really cracked me up!

  6. Miss Know it all here.....
    ha! I've never steeked but it seems to me you could cut in such a manner as to get some of that gray yarn back.....I may be dreaming. But , someone in the know will know. ? call a yarn shop owner? Maybe ask my zoom friend Lisa from Flying Goat ? She's so nice . She'd tell you how. IF thats even possible.