Sunday, March 28, 2021

Better Days


As promised there were better weather days ahead. It was still windy but the sun came out and it actually hit 80 degrees on Friday. My little yellow whatchamacallits were in bloom all over.  They certainly made themselves at home. 

The camellia bushes are all in bloom now too but hanging on for dear life in this terrible wind. 

The Mister's been out transplanting. Every spring he goes out and moves stuff around. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but it keeps him busy and out of the house so it's okay with me. 

I wasn't in the mood for digging so I kept him company doing some knit walking around the yard. I think I swallowed a gallon of gnats so I gave it up and went back in. One day of warm temperatures and the bugs have all gone crazy. Yuck.

The sock I am working on is my last Arne and Carlos Pairfects. This one is called Star Night. It looks like the Northern Lights to me and already I miss winter. That hot, buggy world out there is just not much fun already and it's still only March. 



  1. I'm late in posting today! I face-timed with Alex for over 2 hours last night and couldn't keep my eyes open by the time we said goodbye.
    I enjoyed seeing your flowers today. We still have none here and today there is a high-wind warning. 60-80 mph winds predicted. Scary when you live in an RV. I'm hoping the weather girl was wrong. I'm supposed to get my second vaccine tomorrow and don't want the lack of power to cancel anything either.
    Take care and enjoy your Sunday. I love that color of the yarn. It does look like the northern lights.

  2. I went out yesterday and got attacked by mosquitos, I put on some citronella essential oil and it really helped. Your flowers are gorgeous, enjoy!

  3. Perfect socks! I admire your ability to walk knit, I would break a leg for sure:(

  4. I laughed at the photo of the Mr cuz he is bent over--every time I go out to photo Bill, he is bent over with his bum at me--he says it is not intentional....
    we've had warm and the mosquitos are very happy to join us again! Boo!

  5. Oh I move things around too! It is so nice to see your whatchamacallits . You make me laugh . This is good!