Sunday, March 21, 2021



Well, I missed my deadline. I wanted the snowflake quilt done and packed away by the first day of spring but I didn't make it. In my defense, I had a week of vaccine hysteria get in my way that I hadn't counted on. I was pretty useless for the most of the week but I did get the machine quilting finished yesterday.

I also got the binding cut and two sides sewn on but then I ran out of steam. I'll finish sewing them on today and hopefully start stitching it all down next week. It's my favorite part of the whole quilting process and I am looking forward to it. 

As for a spring project to take its place, I've got a giant pile of these waiting to get sewn together. 

They are from the Sunflower Quilt kit from Connecting Threads that I started three summers ago. It looks  pretty doable.  I think its time has come. 


  1. Progress is being made and I really like your new quilt too. I've been packing things for my trip to Nebraska so I don't have any yarn available except for mittens and socks. So far I almost have a pair of socks done in the past 3 days!

  2. Binding is my favourite part too.
    I love that sunflower quilt!

  3. Whoa. Deb, that is so pretty. I'm happy for you and the quilt. May you continue to get along nicely!! to the finish!

  4. Close enough on the snowflake quilt--it doesn't feel like Spring temps this week so you can finish it! lol The 'new' project will be a fun to piece together--great quilt.

  5. From what I can see, you did a wonderful job on the machine quilting. The complete finish is clearly within your grasp.

  6. Your quilts are so beautiful. I wish I could sew straight!