Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday Finishes


One of my latest Arne and Carlos socks is done. I like this one. 

The Felici Two at a Timers are not finished but they are separated while they get their heels turned. 

I could have finished the Mosi mitten but I ran out of steam on that last little thumb. I've just got a few rows left but my brain was screaming stop so I did. I'll finish it tomorrow. 

The second arm ribbing is finished on Tracery. Now I have to pick up all around the fronts and the neck. I have no idea how I'm going to do that. It's a lot of stitches. 

In spite of the warm weather all I wanted to do this week was pick up the needles and knit and knit and knit. I never argue with my knit brain-I just do what it says. 


  1. Love all of those beautiful projects. The Arne and Carlos socks are really nice. I always admire your colorwork things. They amaze me.

  2. Everything looks lovely. Those felici socks are so cheerful!!!

  3. Oh, the newest sock is a beautiful colorway--you really cranked out that one! The work on all of your knits is doing well!

  4. You definitely have to take advantage of those bursts of energy when you have them! Im currently in a bit of a slump and its buggin me

  5. Wonderful projects!!! Your colorwork is simply amazing.

    That first photo is how my Arne & Carlos socks SHOULD have turned out ............but didn't. Yours are simply perfect.

  6. Nice socks! Knit knit brain has been on vacation!