Saturday, March 27, 2021

Fog Warning


The weather has been rather peculiar this week. It was rainy and then it got warm but the winds were still cold coming off the bay so I guess this is what you get. Fog and plenty of it. 

We had no idea how bad it was until we got near the water. It was crazy. None of the crabbing boats were out. 

This is what the bay looked like. There was zero visibility. It gave me the creeps and a bad case of claustrophobia so we went home. There were better days promised ahead so I think I'll stay put until then. 


  1. It IS a bit creepy, but beautiful too. I used to love to walk on the beach in the fog on the Oregon coast. We're sure going to miss our trips there. You are lucky to have the bay so close by.

  2. We had fog several mornings. I had to drive over to Colin & Mailing's to feed their cats, but fortunately it wasn't as bad here as it was on the bay!

  3. Just noticed you’re listening to a the Dutch House. I finished listening yesterday and enjoyed the book and the characters. Tom Hanks did a great job reading and performing the various characters. Are you enjoying the book?

    1. I saw that someone in the Audible comments said that Tom Hanks should narrate all books and I agree. He's wonderful and I am really enjoying the book.

  4. I agree that fog can cause a closed in feeling! But your photos are pretty and I love the water no matter what. Yea! for better days ahead - that's what I'm looking forward to!

  5. I hear you about the fog claustrophobia.
    What do you think of that stuck ship in the suez canal? I know nothing of them, so I can't help.
    Remember the time an elephant fell in its moan in a zoo?
    Some brilliant child I think, said , fill it with gravel and let her walk back up. It was so simple

  6. The fog is beautiful in its own way. But, I can see why the crabbers stayed in port.

  7. I love fog, maybe not to drive in but it just puts a blanket of quiet all over and I adore that.

  8. Every once in a while when we are at the beach, this heavy fog rolls in -- you can see it coming like a great wall! It's crazy and the first time it really scared me! Now we know to wait it out and it rolls away within half an hour. Fog, like a blizzard is best enjoyed from the safety of your home!