Saturday, March 13, 2021

More Finishes


I had about 10 minutes worth of knitting left on the Mosi mittens yesterday so now they are done. As I mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of the pointy top mitten look so my next pair, using my good Icelandic yarn, will be modified. 

It's not technically a finish yet but I have the body of Altheda done. Whew what a slog. I hope the sleeves go faster. It looks like a baby dress here but I assure you it fits. I tried it on.

I am getting closer to finishing Lofoten. That's the yarn I needed for the collar on the right. The Felici jumped in my cart and I can't wait to use it. I love those colors. It's Punch Bug. That needle is a 16 inch circ that I hope will work for the sleeves on Altheda because that unspun yarn is so hard to work with I can't imagine using Dbl points or even Magic Loop. I'm hoping my knitting fever continues long enough to get all this stuff cleared up. It would be nice to have some fresh starts in my future. 


  1. Everything looks so nice. The mittens colorwork is so pretty. I wish I had the patience for it. The Felici color is eye popping! Fun!
    Thank you for the quote on my blog today. It means a lot and is so appropriate. I have been told by two people this week that it's ridiculous to cry over a DOG. They said it like it was a dirty word. Dog. My Chloe. And there I go, crying again. Gosh, I miss her. Dennis got choked up at bedtime because she wasn't waiting to go outside before climbing in bed with him.
    I know you understand. Thank you for that.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Beautiful work on those mitts, pointy top and all. Colorwork just amazed me, I am all for plain and boring knitting because that is all I can wrap my head around these days. Stay safe and enjoy your new yarn.

  3. But you have stuck with it!!!! The mittens look great; I hope you continue to warm up and won't need them until next winter. The sweater looks soft even in the photo!

  4. Oh this makes me hope my Felici shows up soon!