Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday: The Rip It Out Edition


My knitting mojo waned a bit over the weekend so I was hoping to have some real progress to share on the Village Quaker but this is the exact moment where I realized I had miscounted the flower and now it's been ripped out. I did enjoy working on the little Quaker corner. If anything had to go I'm glad it's the flower. I am so over stitching flowers. 

I've been working on these flowers for almost 10 years so you can understand why I am over them. The constant switching of colors is a bore. That's what I like about the Quakers. Lots of one color stitching. I just may save that darn flower until the end and stitch it in then. There's plenty more stuff to do with that Quaker pattern that's a lot more fun than flowers. 

See what I mean? 

It wasn't a total waste of a stitching weekend. I got one more block on the squares quilt done. Only 11 to go now. 

I'm also almost finished with another row on the hexie table runner. I have to say that my paper pieces aren't half as good as Dad's were. My papers keep popping out which is annoying. Some people sew right through the paper to hold them in but I know he never did. I wish I knew his secret. 


  1. You are definitely making progress. I know that sometimes it doesn't feel like that, or it is hard to see the progress, but things are coming along. Your stitching is so darn pretty!

  2. Sorry for the rip-out! That was always so frustrating to me while doing cross stitch!
    The other stitching is doing well--nice progress!

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself: you’re making progress and that’s what counts. The last piece I cross-stitched took me 20 years, but it’s done and I love it.

  4. Sigh. I look at your work and realize how little I'm getting done but I'm thankful I can live through your work a little! Ripping out is certainly no fun but it really does make such a difference - the crafting eye can pick up the littlest mistake and that can really be irksome!
    I love your Dad's and your hexies - He really left a legacy and it's wonderful to see his work honored by completion.

  5. I just love that your dad was a quilter. How unique is that?
    I love the 10-year sampler. It's totally worth finishing. But constant changing of colors is annoying.

  6. Love the stitching that you Do have done. The quilt is looking great and I think your hexies are fine. Does the paper stay inside or come out eventually?

  7. I've been thinking of my mom.so much lately. Daddio is chuckling down on you. I love your stitches!

  8. love your stitching it is intricate and beautiful. I taught a speciual needs child I work with how to needlepoint today on plastic canvas. It was of a unicorn, and she loved it. We almost got done with the grass. I thought it would be fun to work on something different during spring break. Stay safe.

  9. That Quaker Sampler is AMAZING. Did you start on it yet?