Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Happy Toes

 Look at that! Matchy toes. I love matchy toes. Doing two at a time on the same needle works so nicely for matching stripes.

 I really enjoyed doing them that way but I did have to go fix some holes in the gussett sides. I was a little too lax with my end stitches. The heels are a bit fiddly knitting them this way.  I really need to up my game if I do this again.

The latest man socks are past the heel and onto the foot.

 Here is my very own newly dyed Pandemic MDSW colorway in action. It's not too terrible. I think it's one of my better attempts at dyeing and I am pretty terrible at dyeing. I like the effect the tweedy yarn gives it. It's too bad that yarn is now discontinued.

And a really big TA DA......the Mosi sweater's body is DONE and the hem did NOT roll. Whew. What an epic knit. Now for those sleeves. I've got my fingers crossed I will have enough yarn. This is a game of yarn chicken I don't want to play.


  1. All of your socks are great and I REALLY like the yarn that you dyed. The colors are wonderful. I wish you could make more. I would buy it from you.
    That Mosi sweater is fantabulous! I can't even imagine the colorwork. I do not do it well at all so I'm very envious of master knitters like you.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. You have the best sock yarns! Including the one you dyed - love that. Mosi is simply incredible. Enough said!!

  3. Great job on the sock knitting--and you dyed a beautiful yarn for the socks! And wow to that sweater--the sleeves will be fun--you've done all of the hard parts!

  4. The yarn you dyed is wonderful! All your socks look smashing! You're really doing lovely work during a kind of "unlovely" time!

  5. Fantastic matching on those stripes. Trying to do that would drive me batty.
    I love your Pandemic colourway! It's great.
    And Mosi.... Wow! Just... WOW!

  6. ❤️ the yarn you dyed! The Mosi sweater is gorgeous even without sleeves.

  7. What wonderful socks! Awesome that there is no roll on Mosi (which is looking awesome).

  8. Deb, That is an amazing amazing work of knit art. WOW

  9. Yeah for your sweater! LOve the socks too! :)