Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Kitchen Update

 The big update on the kitchen remodel is that there is NO update. I am still vacuuming and scrubbing plastic covered plywood everyday.

My old wall cabinets are still in my living room holding cleaning stuff and pet supplies.

 Our food is still in boxes all over the floor of the big shared room that is my kitchen/dining/living area.

I am happy to say we have many more boxes than we did. Amazon has been keeping me stocked up on all the stuff I had tossed when we started to tear out the cabinets way back in the fall. I was pretty panicked. Now I know I can get pretty much everything delivered.

 Especially pet food. I think my mail carrier hates me. He was here again yesterday with a huge box and my Chewy order is on the way. Those 40 pound bags of litter are a killer.

 The only counter I have left is this little piece in the corner in between the sink and the stove. It seems it's all I really need. I'm actually doing fine with the tiny kitchen. I don't even really miss my big island anymore.

 I do hate digging through boxes to find all my pots and pans. That has been a pain but there is no where else to put them.

The downstairs is also a mess. This is the pile of flooring and tools we were accumulating before the lockdown. We have all the stuff to put down the new floor but we would have to rip out the remaining base cabinets and sink and with no replacement in sight that doesn't seem like a very good idea.

How are we surviving living in this jumble? A good sense of humor and the fact that our little mom and pop grocer down the street delivers.....booze.


  1. You and the Mister will remember the year of the remodel. Stress and humor go well together.

  2. Yes, you gotta laugh - it always helps through tough times. Will you change your kitchen plans now that you are getting used to a tiny kitchen?

  3. Well, you do seem to have some organization going with your boxes and freestanding cabinets. Your kitchen renovation story will probably trump anyone else's. It's good that you can laugh about the situation.

  4. Your last me laughing! I feel like you just reminded me to vacuum ! I've become a neat nut during this pandemic.

  5. You are making do. Hope you get the kitchen all done before long! :)

  6. Well , you've go my long remodel trumped by a long shot! I'm glad to hear your humor through this major road bump!