Saturday, May 2, 2020

That First Weekend in May

Today I would have been at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival if I weren't locked in the house. To make myself feel better I am going to spend the day doing woolly things but first I am gong to put away my winter wear. 

 I started the process yesterday. Look at my poor socks. They look better now after a warm bath and a good stretch but you should have seen them when I pulled them out of my Croc boots. They kept my feet warm and dry all winter when I was hauling wood but I neglected them terribly. I never washed them once. Gasp.

 The bottoms are almost completely felted. I always pulled these thick socks over my regular wool socks so I wouldn't shift around in my boots. They protected me but it looks like I didn't do a very good job of protecting them.

 After picking out all of the sawdust I was tempted to toss them but it was just too sad. I rolled the poor things up and tucked them back into the sock drawer. I'll make a decision as to their fate at a later date.

 There is a lot of history with these particular socks. Dad and I dyed the wool in front of his garage on a blistering hot August day.

 He helped me card it. He would pick out the locks for me and crank the handle.

 It was a pretty ball of yarn. One of many I got out of a giant 12 pound bag of Corriedale fleece I picked up in 2011 at the MDSW.

 I knit the socks on my way up and back on a trip to Rhinebeck.

Awwww.....their Ravelry mug shot. They were pretty things-so soft and warm. I loved the colors.

Oh, well. I do love them but it's not like I don't have more made out of that same fleece.

It was the bag of wool that kept on giving. This is the second year in a row I won't have a fleece to play with. I wonder if shepherds are shipping?


  1. I know that in the south shearing has been done for a few weeks, there must be some fleece out there:) Your socks are so pretty! :)

  2. The socks and the memories you have of making them with your Dad are lovely.

    Also, the MDSW festival is holding a virtual event in case you want to check it out.

  3. I absolutely love the story of those socks. That's why we make socks. To take care of our feet. To me, it looks like they have lots of wear left. You could use them for the same thing next year.
    I'll bet you could find someone willing to ship a fleece to you. It would be wonderful to have a fleece to play with. Maybe on the MSWF website?
    I actually laughed out loud when you said you hadn't eaten rhubarb on my blog. And you're vegan? Dennis loves it all of the time. I like it in small quantities. It can be rather sour. I wish you lived closer, I would give you a huge bagful.

  4. I agree. I would keep those socks until they were in tatters. So much history and love went into them. I'm going online this morning to the virtual MSWF while zooming with my friends who usually accompany me to the real festival. It won't be the same, but I hope it will be a little fun.

  5. I say keep them if they are still usable. Not pretty doesn't mean they aren't still functional.

  6. What a wonderful collection of winter wear - shawls, sweaters, hat! Just beautiful. Your sock collection is pretty awesome. Love the memories that are part of your boot socks.

  7. Love the color of those socks, and I am glad you didn't throw them away. We like rhubarb, and every day when we go on our walk we pass a bi clump in a person's yard. They obviously don't know that it's edible, and we are so tempted to knock on their door and ask if we can have some. We are chicken! So many things have been cancelled. Oops, now I'm wondering if I'll even be able to post this!

  8. For fleece, try Betsy, the shepherdess is a friend and if she has any fleece left, I'm sure she's shipping. She's also a retired nurse so she's a little more dedicated to health and safety issues.
    As for your socks, keep them and use them again next year for the same purpose. I hate to think you'll need traditional wood hauling socks but... Felted or not, they are still way too pretty to toss.

  9. Thanks for the recap on the live of these socks! I have a pile right now that should go but I haven't wanted to part with them yet either! lol

  10. The sock story is interesting, they have had a wonderful and productive life, glad you did not let them go just yet.

  11. My socks get just like that.