Tuesday, May 5, 2020

TNT: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards

 First the forward. I've got several more strawberries and a blue whatchamacallit finished on the Needles and Pins sampler. The end of those flower borders is near.

 Now for the backwards. Remember this?

  Now it looks like this. I spent a couple of hours Saturday night picking out all of the big white cloud and the little flag mast and sail. It seems I couldn't count back in the 1980's any better than I can now. The whole darn boat was off-by a lot. It had to be done.

 Spiral Chicken has been more fun. I am working on her flower border.

 I got those two wonky rows sewn together on Dear Jane and am starting the third and final one. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

And I did figure out the math for the sashing on the Hexie project and am joining it as I go so I can work out the colors. It's gotten a lot bigger than I wanted but doesn't everything? It always seems to.


  1. Oh I'm sorry about the picking out. That's so tedious. Just ask me how I know. Ha!
    Your other projects are coming right along too. I actually sewed a dress today. My back let me sit at my machine long enough to sew it as long as I took frequent breaks to sit in the recliner. So frustrating. Only three more dresses to go!

  2. Such pretty projects - all of them! I always find it amazing how off my counting can be...and how far I can go stitching with the count off!

  3. Math... it screws us crafters every time!
    Lovely projects all, though I'm still crushing on spiral chicken the most.

  4. I am amazed at how many projects you have going at once. They are all so pretty too! Do you decorate your home with all of your beautiful creations? Or do you give them as gifts? You are talented and busy!! Good job!

    1. Sadly most of my things end up stored away. I don't really have walls to hang things on. As for gifting-soaps and socks. I don't think anyone I know is really interested in anything else.

  5. You have some great projects to work on.

  6. What wonderful projects! I think spiral chicken is the happiest looking chicken. The hexie quilt is going to be beautiful. Love how you are doing the sashing.

  7. I would just do CHICKEN for all of th month!!!!

  8. All of your projects are nice. I especially like the strawberry border and that chicken.

  9. Curse the counting!
    The sashing is perfect--glad it worked out for you! Love the chicken rug hooking!

  10. Oh, I'm so sorry you had to pick out so many stitches but at least that part is behind you now. Can't wait to see how all the projects progress. They are all fantastic!

  11. You have lots of great projects! :)