Friday, May 15, 2020

The Ups and Downs

 I've come to the conclusion that my knitting mojo has taken a hike because I don't want to sit down. I want to be doing things on my feet. Like baking. My last grocery order included bread flour so I made bread.

 There were also some sketchy bananas that became chocolate chip/banana bread. I want to be making things but I need to be moving while I am doing them. Baking is an up thing.

 Making soap is another up thing. Here's my latest try at Plain Ole Goat soap. I've got my fingers crossed this one turns out. I kept it cold but that can bring it's own problems. We'll see...

 I took my knitting for a walk to see if that would help me recover some mojo and it worked wonders. I got the heel turned on my Pandemic socks while enjoying the sunshine.

Look what I found on my walk.  This is for Kathy B. She keeps posting about her day glo mushrooms and I keep telling her I have a day glo blob thing going on with this tree stump. It's scary.

 Back inside I managed to keep the enthusiasm going long enough to get the sleeve started on the Mosi sweater. I am not putting this away for the summer. I would but I'm not. I really want to wear it next fall if I ever get out of here. I'm on a mission because it gives me hope.

I also worked up the interest to cast on another Pimpelliesse using my latest handspun. All it took was a little knit walk to get me going. I hope it works again tomorrow.


  1. That bread looks amazing. I can only imagine the wonderful smell to go along with it.
    Pimpelliese is my very favorite shawl/scarf thingy. I've probably made a dozen of them. I'm glad you got your knittin mojo back. I spent way too much time on the coloring app on my iPad today. I'm finding myself wasting a lot of time coloring these days when I could be doing something productive.

  2. Glad your knit walk worked!! Pretty projects - all of them - baking, soap making and knitting. You are one busy person!!

  3. Hopefully, there will be a lot of nice days to keep us motivated.

  4. Sometimes a walk to clear away the cobwebs is all you need.
    I have some rotting bananas.... and you've given me a wonderful idea!

  5. I have pizza dough rising--isn't the smell wonderful?! I'm glad your "up" knitting is working for you! You've got this!

  6. Fresh air and new surroundings are great ways to revive an interest in knitting. I love your projects.

  7. I love your Pimpelliesse. Those colors are wonderful. The bread looks delicious.

  8. I would say that your mojo is back! I was baking today, too. Crackers and bread for me.

  9. That is one funky tree stump goo!!!! Im so glad you mojo is back !!!! nothin like not wanting to knit!! No thank you

  10. Seriously what is going on with that tree? I have lost all knitting mojo a long time ago. And yet my blog is called Mereknits, and frankly that never happens. Stay safe.