Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Fat Froggy

I've been going through my fancy soap like crazy washing my hands a million times a day so I decided I needed to make a change.

 A while back I had bought these flats of glycerin soap from my soap supply vendor. They are the kind you chop up and melt. Easy, peasy, pie.

They were offering some unusual concoctions so I picked up a few different ones while they were on sale.

I made a few loaves to keep on hand to use around the sinks.

 I had a good ole time chopping and melting. They should keep me in hand soap for a long while.

I also started making some frog soaps for the Grands. When they showed up for their surprise visit I had just popped one out of the mold and poured in a second. They took the finished one home and as soon as I figure out that Click and Ship thing this one will be on its way too.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute is that little frog! Does he (she?) have a fragrance?

  2. How clever of you!!! I'd probably do a better job of washing my hands with pretty soap, too!

  3. That little frog soap is so cute! I bet the grandkids loved it!

  4. Now that frog is adorable--but the other bars of soap are pretty spectacular, too!

  5. Love it! And those frogs are so cute!

  6. Click and Ship is wonderful! I’ve used it several times since the March Stay at Home order was issued, mailing QOV to volunteer longarmers.

  7. That is wonderful looking soap and I can just imagine how excited the grands were to see the froggy soap. Very clever way of getting them to wash their hands! :-)

  8. Your new soaps look beautiful! That frog is adorable.