Monday, May 4, 2020


Remember this guy? He was always working his magic to get what was needed for his MASH unit. I feel just like him lately. I am always looking for ways to get things that I haven't been able to get from our local grocery delivery.

Pasta has been scarce but I got a big shipment from here along with some giant cans of San Marzano tomatoes.

I found rice here. I was only looking for rice when I ordered from them and now I need to go back and see what other things they might have.

When I couldn't get dried beans or lentils I went here. They are a small company and the wait was forever but it's worth it. Best. Beans. Ever.

The Mister found his cigars here and they arrived two days later. He was over the moon. The prices were good too.

I got five large rolls of industrial sized toilet paper from this online shop but alas the secret must be out because they have none now. I should have ordered more.

When my ebay puzzles were a bust I went here and bought a bunch. I am still waiting but its only been a week and they warn that it could take a while with the overwhelming demand.

I am worried about my booze order. I figured it would be a while but when I looked them up on BBB website I see lots of folks complaining nothing ever shows up. Oh, well. If one place was a dud it might have well been this one. I can live without gin.

Then there is this. This is an addiction. It's like playing the lottery to see what you can get. It changes every day. If I end up in the poor house it will be because of Little Debbie snacks and diet soda. It's mostly junk food but last week I got canned veggies, water, veggie hot dogs, fruit cups and other healthy stuff.

I spent all night looking at fleeces to buy online but gave up when I realized that the one thing I really needed to wash a fleece was Dawn detergent and that I have not been able to get anywhere. They want $12 a bottle over on Amazon so I am hoarding the few bottles I have left for dishes. Fleece washing will have to wait.


  1. We still have a few things coming from a month is an adventure !

  2. Wow! You really are not all that far from us and what a difference. Fletch got everything he wanted at the store on Friday (including TP). I stopped on Saturday to get wine and ended up with chicken breasts, tomatoes, red onion, sprouts, etc. in my basket. Plenty of cleaning supplies and paper products! I can't believe the difference a few hundred miles makes.

  3. We scored some TP lat weekend then we got an emergency Walmart early Saturday morning, I only took what I needed and did not hoard I promise!

  4. Creativity is called for when things get scarce--at least we don't have to scrounge garbage cans yet! lol

  5. I’m thankful for the internet and online shopping every day! Both have made social distancing possible and tolerable.

  6. It is difficult when you have to rely on shopping by proxy. I'm one who would go to the market several times a week and plan just a few days ahead, shopping the sales. Now, because I'm defined as "at risk" and can't go into the stores I do play the shopping slot lottery. Not really my preference but it is fine; I love the Radar photo and do identify!

  7. Oh no! I'd be more worried about the gin than most of the other items. Our stores are still out of meat, or at least they are by the afternoon when I get to go, but I did buy toilet paper and paper towels the other day. We didn't need either, but they had them both and I got so excited I bought them anyway. First time I'd seen either one in a store in almost 2 months!

  8. Walmart went from none to many on the dawn soap this week......