Tuesday, May 12, 2020

TNT: Waylaid

For the past week I meant to sit down and stitch but the soap bug got me. Not only did I have soap to make I had soap to wrap. It's hard to believe that six weeks have gone by since I made these two loaves. Time does fly even when you are locked down.

 I was trying to use up the last of my big can of goat's milk powder. These loaves are not unscented but they are very lightly scented and all the color is from clay.

 This one I could eat. Now they are all wrapped and tucked away with all the other orphan soap. They are outliers because I had to stop with just these two loaves when I ran out of olive oil. It took me this long to get more.

 After the soap was all wrapped and put away I swear I was going to stitch on that big nautical sampler that sits right across the table but I looked up and saw this sitting on the shelf. It was a package that had arrived from Lawn Fawn right as the big lockdown hit. It seems like ages ago. I stuck it in quarantine and forgot all about until yesterday.

 I love Lawn Fawn. They always send you free stuff. I got papers and this cute little stamp this time around.

 This is what I bought. At the time I ordered it I had no idea that life as we know it was going to be upended. I was planning on this stamp set being my next giveaway card.

Could you get more perfect? This would have made a great card to ride along with all my summer soap. I am going to cross my fingers that when that soap is cured in 6 weeks we just may have at least a part of our lives back. Our boardwalk opened back up yesterday. You can walk but you can't sit on the benches. No matter. We still won't be going anywhere. I keep an eye on our case count and it's still going up in our little Twin Beaches towns. We are at almost 40 cases now. We're not going anywhere soon.


  1. The soap looks great and the little stamp set is so cute.
    Isn't it strange? Everyone has different ideas on what should be done to deal with this virus? It seems like everyday is something different. I'm glad that I can isolate at the lake too. At least it's a change of scenery.

  2. Cute stamps and gorgeous soaps!!

  3. I’m skittish about getting out in public. I had a dental appointment this morning to get a permanent crown attached. I’ve been babying the temporary for nearly two months. Dentist and Assistant were covered head to toe. I felt very comfortable but also a bit freaked out.

  4. Your soaps and the packaging are just so beautiful!

  5. Your soaps are very pretty! We aren't going anyplace soon either:(

  6. I love those soaps! Do they stay in the "orphanage", or do you sell them or give them away? Such treasures.

    1. I've been doing a blog giveaway with them for the past few years and hope to do so again as soon as it's safe to go in the post office.

  7. What an adorable stamp! The soap looks beautiful too. I love the shape of the second one mentioned.
    Whether she or you know it, you have another soap fan. My MIL keeps stealing the soap out of my bathroom. Sometimes I find it beside her sink but more often, I find it in her purse or pockets, broken into tiny bits and wrapped carefully in tissues, paper towels or tissue paper. I keep taking the bits back and thankfully, half inch squares of soap work almost as well as full sized bars. She may have dementia but she still recognizes good soap! :)

  8. Love your soaps and your cards! And to think this is just one of your hobbies.....