Sunday, May 24, 2020

It's a Jungle Out There

It's hard to believe that this is the same desolate spot we were working at this winter cutting up those trees. The green stuff has pretty much taken over. The Mister's been fighting it but he's lost. He just doesn't know it yet.

 What we've got over there now is my new wagon with my tomato plants in it. We drag it around to follow the sun.

 In spite of all the cloudy, cold weather we've had they are doing pretty well. Kathy B wants to have a tomato race. Game on. I'm feeling kind of confident.

 I love my new cart so much I ordered another one that will be here on Monday. That way I can get my little cart back from the pots of chard and kale.

I also ordered some cucumber seeds. I know that's crazy with our limited sun but anything goes this year. It's all one big trial run.

 This may be a terrible year to be a human on this planet but the plants are having the time of their lives. The hostas are so big you can't get down the sidewalk. They are huge.

I had all but given up on the clump of Siberian Iris I had dug up from Dad's house but look at it now. They are all over the place. They pushed right up through all those weeds.

 We brought this home from the MDSW one year and it didn't do much. Look at it now. I don't even know what it is but it's so pretty.

 The love affair between Mom's bucket of mini hostas and Dad's bucket of Black Eyed Susan is still going strong. I tried to plant them in the ground one year in separate areas of the yard and they both did horribly. I put them back together on the front stoop and they look so happy again.

Everything is just gorgeous out there.....even my nemesis-poison ivy. It too is having a very good year- much to my dismay.


  1. Lovely greenery. The plants are having a good time, aren't they? I love your idea of a cart to move your plants around to catch the sun. I've made a mental note to keep an eye out for such a handy cart (or a sacktruck but the cart looks more useful). It is worth giving the cucumbers a go - you may find the perfect microclimate in your garden. It is the middle of autumn but I have tomato plants in pots flowering at the moment! They seem to be thriving in two sheltered parts of the garden. I wish you well with your tomatoes and cucumbers and everything else. Gardeners unite!

  2. Good luck in the tomato race!

  3. So much green.
    We had a very wet spring, and I think it's been good for the irises... they are going gangbusters over here.

  4. Everything is flourishing - how wonderful! there has to be some cutting back though = please take care! My dear grandson was able to find the poison ivy at the creek by their house, bless him! Thankfully, they've identified where it is and are staying far away from the area.

  5. ❤️ all the green In your yard. Trees and shrubs here have suddenly leafed out and blooming trees are putting on a glorious show.

  6. Love your wagon! Your tomato plants look so healthy. Actually, everything growing in your photos seems to be thriving. I'm betting on you for the tomato race.

  7. Wow-what a greening up since the last downed timber pics! I love the hostas! Great idea to have a tomato race!

  8. Round Up Makes a Poison Ivy Spray...just saying...our Ivy is not up yet...way to dry this year the soil is like powder. I like your wagon! We have a wagon too a little red one with seedlings just sprouted. Lettuce and tomato that is all:)