Monday, March 12, 2018


 I got a giant box of thread in the mail on Saturday.

It all started with another one of Daddio's little quilts. It's the Serendipity pattern from Missouri Star Quilts. I wanted to quilt it using a pale yellow thread. Custard to be exact.

It was a Connecting Threads spool. I had one but I wanted another because the Juki is a bear to thread and it's good to wind the bobbin from a separate spool.

 Of course they were having a monster thread sale.

 I took advantage. My two sided box is getting full. But......did they have Custard in stock? Of course not. In fact most of the colors I wanted were sold out. That sale was timed pretty badly-or was it?


  1. Probably not on their part anyway! You bought thread didn't you. :-) And as for you, now you have lots of thread for future projects. Although, if you're like me, it will never be the right color and you'll just keep collecting more!

  2. Love all the colors but sorry you missed the right one you needed! This quilt is going to be a stand out!

  3. Dang, sorry you couldn't purchase the colors you wanted, but you got a great deal on the ones you received.

  4. I think this quilt is going to be amazing. Custard color...hmmmm. Hoping you find it or a perfect sub.