Saturday, March 17, 2018

Corned Beef and Cabbage

 That's what my house is going to smell like today. I'll be getting up early to put The Mister's favorite St. Patrick's Day dinner in the crock pot and making soda bread later.

There will be imbibing. I should mention he's Irish on his father's side and likes his whiskey. I'll settle for the beer.

 But first we have to fix a naughty tile.

 There was one that just didn't look right and of course it was right in the middle of the floor.

 We hadn't leveled it properly and it was a bit higher than the others and you could see a shadow in the grout line that would have driven me crazy every time I walked in the bathroom. The Mister spent yesterday carefully chiseling the tile out and getting up the thinset, bless his heart.

 Thank goodness we had 5 tiles leftover. The new one should fit just fine now. We'll stick it down today and grout it Sunday and hope to heaven we are finally done with the tile. I had to buy an expensive little bucket of pre-mixed thinset just to set this one tile so I am really over the whole tile thing at the moment.

After all that hard labor, we treated ourselves to a pizza for St Patty's Day eve. As I write this Friday night I am really thinking about that beer and wondering if The Mister will notice if one is gone. We shall see....


  1. I completely forgot about it being St. Patrick’s day tomorrow Hmmmm. We have no plans at all to celebrate. That pizza looks amazing! I think I’m hungry. Good job on the tile. You re so much more patient than I would be.

  2. Happy St. Patricks Day! We're Irish through Husband's ancestors too (last name O'Neill!) and I'm making Irish Stew and Soda bread today! I take a pass on both beer and whisky and go for some wine instead. Or perhaps we'll have some green cocktails. I'm also wondering what Irish related thing I might be able to bake up for dessert.

  3. Oooh, your dinner will be tasty. Enjoy!

  4. Oh I think after all that work, you definitely deserve a treat!

  5. Good job on the re-tiling! It happens.
    The pizza looks wonderful but the house smells great by the time I am writing this comment!

  6. Now I'm craving pizza....sigh. Happy St. Patties day.

  7. Happy St Patty's Day. The tile looks great, so sorry about the one right in the middle that did not behave. Well done on all the work on your projects.

  8. Oh my word ....that pizza looks delicious!

    Enjoy that beer. You earned it!