Sunday, March 4, 2018

In Like a Lion

We survived our scary wind storm without major damage. The place looks like a kindling farm at the moment so now that it is safe to go out again The Mister is hard at work clearing the deck. The yard can wait.

 Before the storm changed our plans we were going full tilt in the bathroom last week. The deck that is now littered with branches was littered with tiling stuff.

 It was floor week.

I ended up being the trowel man since I am a bit more bendy than The Mister. The floor was not nearly as much fun as the walls. At least not for these two rickety old people. I couldn't move all day Thursday after my day long troweling on Wednesday. Sleeping in a chair in the basement for two nights didn't help matters either. I can barely move.

When we opened the second box of tile on Wednesday it was a disaster. Every single one was broken. It serves us right for not checking. It's been past 90 days so I can't even take them back according to Loews customer service rep.

Using all the unbroken ends for the cut pieces, we managed to have just enough to finish the job. We still have yet to stick those down. We are taking a break. That wind storm really did us in.

Oh, well. We'll try again on Monday. It's only been six months since we started this project so I suppose it makes no sense to rush now.


  1. I’m so glad that you and the Mister are safe but sorry about all of the problems and that you’re so sore. Rest up and sleep well my friend.

  2. Great accomplishments! Glad you "weathered" the storm alright without much damage. You DID come in like a lion, we came in like a lamb - go figure!

  3. Nice work! And I do mean it's going to be such an accomplishment when finished. Really doesn't matter how long it takes since you have other bathrooms to use in the meantime.

  4. With every little bit, you're getting closer to the end. Like a long knitting project - every stitch counts!

  5. Whew! I'm glad you were able to salvage enough of the broken tile to finish.

  6. I bet the storm was exhausting, the clean up not to fun either. Good luck with the tile.

  7. Do you mean that home renovations CAN take less time?! Nice work eking out the tiles!