Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nothing to See Here

 The first day of spring was a bust.

 Last week I planted lots of pansies and this lone primrose in my pots in hopes of some sunshine and warmer weather.

Yesterday morning it was cold and wet.

 By afternoon it was all turning to ice.

 Poor pansies.

We are under a winter storm warning with snow expected to start falling on all this ice tonight.

I love snow but not in March.


  1. They say we will get a foot or more snow today! YIKES! Ours also started as sleet and icy rain.

  2. It was a wild beginning to Spring here also!
    We were under a tornado watch all day!
    Wind then rain and then glorious sunshine, repeat-all day! lol (no snow, tho!)

  3. Hoping you don't get much of the storm. It's snowing here and we are due to get 8-12"!! The good part is I'm home.

  4. Even though the calendar says it's Spring, it won't arrive here until mid to late April. I must have patience. . .

  5. I’m so sorry. The weather is sure topsy-turvy this year. We had a beautiful start to spring with mid 50s and sunshine, but we’re supposed to have snow this weekend. It’s crazy! Stay safe my friend. Blessings, Betsy

  6. These Spring storms are always the worst! It isn't very nice here either but no snow yet. One day I'm mowing the lawn and the next I'm trying to keep the pipes from freezing. Sigh

  7. Yikes. Im hoping it bypasses you and you only get a touch of it. I do love pansies. Its freezing here but at least the sun is out. Fireman is actually going on a mountain biking ride just for a bit. He better not fall!

  8. Thanks for your comment on my post. Yes, we got new management two years ago. They came up with some new rules last year too, but this year it’s completely ridiculous. To not even let us hike in to access our trailer in the winter to check on things is ridiculous. I don’t quite know how they can do that, since we pay the utilities year around and it’s our trailer. Oh well. Sorry hear your mom went through the same sort of thing. Blessings, Betsy

  9. Looks like our first day of spring. Winter just doesn't want to give it up!