Sunday, March 25, 2018

Out of Joint

I admit to being a bit miffed at the size of the crowd downtown yesterday.

Last year when I was in this sea of pink I took great pride in being a part of the biggest gathering in DC history. I guess if I had to lose that bragging right it was for a good cause. Those kids were amazing yesterday.... we were in 1969. That crowd was half of what these latest massive protests drew but was still pretty impressive since it was pretty much organized only by word of mouth. It took four years to get the change we wanted back then. Let's hope those kids don't have to wait that long.

Well, then again, maybe they won't have to.


  1. My heart swelled when I saw the size of the crowd and heard the chants and words directed at the politicians. I am proud of these young people and have no doubt that they will provoke a change for the good in our country. I have hope again.

  2. Well done my friend. I am so proud of the youth of our nation, they are speaking up and getting heard. OF course their votes will speak the loudest, hopefully they will keep this momentum going.

  3. I am so thrilled at the new wave of youth activism. I am just young enough to have missed the anti-war protests, and my generation was pretty apolitical.

  4. The most important thing they can do is VOTE!!!

  5. That young man with the last name of Hogg is simply amazing. I think we can look for him to run for office in a few years.

    May their protest not fall of deaf ears and I hope they keep up the momentum!