Friday, March 30, 2018

Purple People Eater

 See that pin? That is not good. Not good at all.

 This is my second try at this particular weaving draft and I thought I had nailed it. It looks great but....

Once again the end threads keep snapping and having to be repaired. The T pin is what holds the new thread in place. At least this time I know why I am having the issue. The last time I blamed the yarn and switched it. Now I know the problem is me. I am weaving too tight causing the fabric to draw in too much which puts too much tension on the end threads. Since this is just a sample, I am going to go as far as my patience lets me before I throw in the towel once again. I ordered a doohickey that might help me on the next go round. We shall see.


  1. The pattern sure is pretty!

  2. I think it’s a beautiful pattern and I’m so sorry it’s giving you fits. Purple is my favorite color so I always love seeing your purple people eater!

  3. Don't throw in the towel! You'll get this figured out. As a last resort, you can sew a binding strip on the edge.

  4. A doohickey to the rescue.......I love it!! LOL Hope it does the trick because that sure is a pretty pattern!

  5. Drat! As long as this is practice-do that!
    Hoping the new gadget will help-the pattern will be worth it!