Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Stuff

 For one reason or another I haven't been down in the craft room for a long while.  That hasn't stopped me from buying stuff for it. My work table is covered in new things that need to be put away.

 I've got new fat quarters for my big fat quarter basket. Joann has them on sale. I love FQs almost as much as I love charm squares.

 I found some really cool stencils at Micheal's.

 I've got new spring paper for cards and wrapping the soap that will be ready in about two weeks.

 I've got some pretty new washi tape...

 ...and new Lawn Fawn stamps.

I bet you can't guess why I bought this stamp set. 

The wood block stamp is a de-stash I got for $3 on Ebay. 

 These stamp sets are for my art journal project.

 As are these stickers books....

...and this fancy printed tissue paper.

 Speaking of my art journal. Here is the first layer of a new project. I have no idea what it will become after it dries but I see stencils in it's future.


  1. So many cute things ..... love the rub-a-dub-dub duckie.

  2. Wow! You sure did get a lot of new stuff. How fun. Love the fat quarters, and the stencils and the washi tape and the paper and...well obviously I love it all!

  3. Wow! You got some very pretty things. You are going to have some fun!

  4. So much potential-you will make good use for it! I just learned what washi tape is good for-easter eggs!

  5. I'd love to visit and see how the stamps are used. I don't need a new hobby, but . . . it's tempting.

    1. Lawn Fawn tutorials for stamping on YouTube...addicting!

  6. The wood block stamp is a great find!!!! All of your creativity is amazing. Fun to watch things progress from your sets to the beautiful cards.

  7. Seeing all your goodies makes me feel less guilty for buying more yarn this morning. LOL And thank you! I see lots of fun in your future!

  8. I was wondering how you created such amazing cards. I just checked out Lawn Fawn on YouTube and it looks like fun!

    -Mary S.

  9. Now that's a well stocked craft room!