Saturday, March 10, 2018

Friday Finishings

 I was on a roll yesterday. The Mister went off to town to spend some time at the hardware store so I took advantage of every bit of me time. I got those green socks done. They were such a slog.

 I finished the Olympic mitts.

 Look how the tops almost match. I spun these with no rhyme or reason to how the colors fell so that's just crazy.

 Big blanket has both blue ends done. It's wider than the 60" cable now so I can't stretch it out. I packed it away until next winter and then I'll finish the last two sides and figure out an edging.

 That's Pimpeliesse blocking. The most notable thing about it is that I can't find my T pins. I was not happy. How do you lose two boxes of T pins? I should say the boxes are here but the pins were not in them. So weird. They are going to show up in an odd place, I'm sure. My brain just isn't what it used to be.


  1. My goodness you have been busy. The socks and the mitts are perfect. I love how your Olympic yarn spun up and knitted up too. Pimpeliesse is looking very nice too. I love that pattern. I need to get another one on the needles soon. I’m always losing things. I’m sure your pins will turn up soon. It will be in the place you would least expect them. At least that’s what happens to me. Blessings, Betsy

  2. What a good feeling to get so much off the needles! Beautiful results! The socks will be loved now that they are done!

  3. Great finishes - but I really LOVE that little pincushion!

    1. Daddio's....he made them from his leftover paper hexies.

  4. The mitts are cheerful and will be great fun to wear. Your blanket is stunning!

  5. Wow, your needles must be smoking! Those green socks will be perfect for St. Patrick's Day; nice timing!

  6. Love that pin cushion! Nice work on all those finishes too. ;-)

  7. I am just in love with your blanket, but I can see why it's a winter knit. Even three decades later I remember Maryland summers. Humid hardly begins to describe them!

  8. Just lovely - knitting socks is on my bucket list, umm, near the bottom :)