Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rain, Rain...

 We are just coming off a long stretch of rainy weather so I've had plenty of time to get some crafty things sorted out around here. Daddio's quilt has it's loop de loops done and is getting its binding sewn on. It's quite the job on something so big. Thank goodness for audio books.

 Mr. Chill has a body now and is getting packed up until next winter. It feels wrong to be working on winter things when its 60 outside and everything is starting to bloom.

 Ditto for the winter sampler.

 I am replacing it on the standing frame with my sheep breed sampler for the spring. I consider March 1st spring. It's actually been spring for weeks around here.

My little garden sampler is back in production now too. It's always sunny in my little fantasy garden no matter what's been going on outside.

I abandoned the February block on The Sheep Virtues a few days ago in favor of working on the March border. Spring has come early this year inside and out-and we'll probably be paying for it all summer. Ugh.


  1. Love all of your springy projects. Spring seems far, far away for us this year. Usually by now we have definite signs it’s on it’s way, but not this year. Snow is predicted all but one day out of the next seven.
    Those sleepy cross stitches have me swooning.

  2. Your garden sampler is really beautiful! Liana

  3. Nice work on all your samplers!
    I think of March 1st as Spring, too.
    We've hit a cold snap for 5 days-blustery and only 60 after all of our 80's so it feels really chilly for us!

  4. My goodness, you've been busy! Love all the projects you've been working on.

  5. Such nice projects! We will be getting rain again starting tomorrow...

  6. It is nice to switch out projects. It has been so hot here, I am not ready for hot and humid right now, there will be enough of that all summer.

  7. Possible snow here tomorrow. I was just out on the porch!!! I always love to see your stitching projects because they are joyful

  8. Sunny days have been few and far between here as well......I need sun!! Rain rain go away! I'm trying to spin my way through it. Love all your spring pojects.

  9. I love how you rotate your projects with the seasons.

  10. Love seeing all of your projects and also the idea of putting some away till they fit the weather. However, it's still kind of wintery cold here, much to the shock of the daffodils and crocus that poked their heads up early. It even snowed in places around the city, but much to everyone's surprise skipped our area which is most unusual.