Friday, February 23, 2018

Knitting Ups and Downs

We are back to our usual winter weather, chilly and damp, so I took advantage of a glum afternoon to sit down and steek Tracery-and chickened out. Not because I was afraid of steeking but because I knew I was heading for a disaster of another kind.

I had taken some good measurements and realized that if I took it all back to the armpits I could re-shape it so it just might fit. After all these years and all this work I thought it deserved a second chance at becoming a wearable garment.

I drank a glass (or two) of wine and sat in a quiet room and ripped it all back to the underarms. It hurt while I was doing it but when I picked it up again last night I was glad I did it.

On a happier note, Snowfling is coming along nicely. It's such a pleasure to do color work with worsted weight yarn for a change.

My Olympic handspun seems to have turned into clown barf after all but I suppose that's what I was really going for.  They are becoming a pair of dispensable mitts that can live in my coat pockets. I won't cry if I lose one of these. This is exactly why I rarely dye things but it was more likely that it was my sloppy dividing of the fiber that caused the rather unattractive weirdness in the striping. It's always something. That's why I like to leave this sort of thing to the experts.


  1. Tracery is just gorgeous. I could never cut into that fabric. I would throw up first. Literally. I really like your “clown barf” yarn. I think it’s striping great. :-)

  2. Wow-what an undertaking ripping out the Tracery sweater!!! I am sure you will be glad when you are wearing it next winter!
    The other mitts are great-even the one you dyed-it is pretty; you are too hard on yourself!

  3. You are brave AND amazing! Tracery is going to be so wonderful...but like Betsy I would probably get sick if I cut it...or have hands that were shaking or something. I, too, like your clown barf yarn. Very happy colors!

  4. Tracery is gorgeous! Steeking intimidates me, but I think I could do it.

    I think the mitt is cheerful and fun.

  5. I did not realize your mittens were in WORSTED. WOWZA. Perhaps, just perhaps...I can .....

  6. Someday we'll meet over those glasses of wine! and carry on because that's sweater is magnificent. I'm in awe of it.

  7. You sure have lots of courage, first willing to steek and then brave enough to do all that ripping. You go girl; that's going to be one awesome finish. I love your yarn BTW. Now i have to look up Snowfling; speaking of snow, it did that here..... Bleh!

  8. It's good that you frogged back. Something THAT beautiful deserves to fit well.

  9. That sweater is amazing and you should do what ever it takes to make it fit. It's to awesome to give up on now!! Oh and I love the Olympic handspum mitts!