Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bruised Ego

It's not my ego that is bruised-although there are more than enough things that could bruise it these days. That's the name of my new sock yarn from Wandering Cat. This is a pitiful photo but you can kind of tell how pretty the little pops of navy blue are in the purple. I can tell these are going to make me happy.

 Speaking of happy, I realized that one of the reasons my sock mojo was MIA was because my favorite way of knitting socks is by walking. It was a decent day so out I went with a very old sock project in hand.

 The Mister was cleaning up the old wood pile while I walked circles through the woods.

Pup went along for the walk and when we were done you should have seen her feet and my Crocs. They both got a bath and then Pup and I had a good lunch. It was nice to get out. They are calling for rain tomorrow. Just what we need. More mud.


  1. I love your new yarn. That color is so pretty. How do you hold your yarn while walking? Maybe that’s what I need to do. Exercise while knitting. That’s a win/ win way to go. Make the cardiologist happy and not be bored. Love the picture of Pup. :-)

  2. That purple yarn is gorgeous (love the other one too). Hope your weather is ok - my friend in MD (Chesapeake city) said it is NASTY out - very icy. Stay warm and safe!!

  3. Oooh, the yarn for both socks are gorgeous!

    You knit while walking!? If I tried knitting and walking at the same time, I'd be in a heap on the ground.

  4. Im heavy into sock knitting again. YOUR colorway is so cheerful. We may go out for a snowy walktoday...but we may not. NO matter there will be knitting of socks later!

  5. Bruised Ego is beautiful!!! Glad you and Pup got out for a little while and that the fresh air restored your knitting mojo.

    Too icy to go out for me today, but looking out the window is good enough.

  6. Oh that yarn is beautiful! I'm glad you're tuning up your sock knitting mojo! I remember you being the walking sock knitter! I remember you had this little pouch purse and I was so amazed. You can knit and walk and there are 2 other knitters that can read and knit! Crazy pants. Anyhow your side pouch inspired me and if I have a big day out, I try to take a cross body bag that allows me to knit while I wait for the bus or street car. I can't really knit and walk, that's too much for me. Glad you were able to get out and about. xoxo Send some of that rain here!

  7. I agree-nothing like a good walk with pleasant temperatures! Pup agrees!

  8. For some reason walking and knitting sounds like it could be dangerous...but i feel like I want to give it a try. Up till now I basically sit and knit. Walking and knitting sounds way cooler. ;-) That Bruised Ego color way is gorgeous! Pup looks pretty clean for walking in the mud. You should see what my horse looks like lately. He loves being one with the mud....and do we have mud here. It's a mess with all the rain we've had.

    1. That was her before photo. You should have seen us both after. What a mess. I almost fell several times from sliding in the goo. Ugh. I almost wish it would all just freeze again.

  9. I envy you being able to get out - we've got snow, snow and more snow - with more on the way!

    So glad you're happy with the yarn.

  10. Nice yarn! How do you keep from falling in the mud while knitting? It's super wet here, too. We've had over 5" since the beginning of the year, but as DH says, "You don't have to shovel it!"

  11. I have never mastered knitting and walking, so glad you and Pup had a good time on your walking adventure.