Saturday, February 10, 2018

Let the Spin Begin

I got up at 6 am yesterday to watch the Opening Ceremony on the NBC live stream. It was worth it. I enjoyed every second without the jibber jabber of the commentators and the commercial breaks. I pre-drafted my Olympic fiber while I watched-in bed on the laptop. 

As careful as I was, dyeing did a number on the Corriedale. It needed a good fluffing. I was just finishing when they lit the torch.

There is no rhyme or reason. I just turned it all into pencil roving so I could spin without paying attention to what my hands doing.

I watched it again on prime time and was not impressed with the coverage but I was impressed with the fiber. This is going to be a great spin.


  1. Pretty yarn! Wasn't that torch lighting ceremony impressive? It must have been great to watch without commercials! (just a tad early though)

  2. Yay for happy fiber!

    I finally had to just turn off the TV. Katie Couric is just plain annoying.

  3. Fun! Now why didn’t I think of watching it live? I got frustrated and turned it off about an hour ago. Without seeing the torch lit.
    Your roving looks great and so does your spinning!

  4. I tried to watch last night but just kept getting distracted. I did love the guy from Tonga? Is that where that bare chested athlete was from?

    1. Yep. You gotta love the gumption of that Tonga guy!

  5. I didn't watch. I heard the live stream was much better. Colin said they watched, but he fell asleep!

  6. I LOVED the opening ceremonies. The tiger puppet was wonderful. IM so glad they mixed old puppetry with modern stuff. I get tired of all the fantastical computerization. Im very happy the Games have begun.

  7. Your colours look wonderful! I bet that's going to be a beautiful spin!

  8. I think the spin is way more important than the Olympics, so you go!

  9. What a lovely colored fiber for a good spin!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the coverage-I watch Little Bear and Peppa Pig......

  10. Oooh, the roving dyed well, and the yarn is going to be gorgeous. Have fun!

  11. Now that looks like a fun spin. Love all those rainbow colors.