Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Out and About

 I've lost count of how many times The Mister and I have had to go to the court house to file papers for his late mother's estate. I've spent hours writing up petitions, audits and letters of consent. I should be getting a salary.

While he goes in and drops off our homework, I sit in the car and knit. That second horrible green sock is this big now. Ugh. I hate this thing.

 Afterwards we were heading to the dog park with Pup but it was too cold and windy. We ran her around Pet Smart instead where I spent $18 on the same bag of parrot kibble I get from Amazon for $9 without realizing it until I got it home. She seems to be handling the loss of Old Doggie just fine. They weren't really terribly fond of each other.

On the way home I stopped in at Yankee Candle for something more springy and found this St Patrick's votive holder. Spring can't come soon enough. This winter's been a bust. Too cold, too windy, no snow. Booo....

Waiting for me in the mailbox was my order from Wandering Cat. I took advantage of their last sale to treat myself to some purple yarn. I was just thinking I needed some purple socks and you can't get better than this. If this doesn't bring my sock mojo back, nothing will.


  1. I've had enough of the court house, also;
    what a place of misery.
    The candle is a good bit of cheer!
    I bought some purple yarn from Valerie, too!

  2. Bureaucracy is hard to navigate sometimes.

    The shamrock votive holder definitely says "Spring is coming." I love their candles.

  3. What a cute candle holder. You are ready for spring (and St. Patrick's Day).

  4. Love the purple yarn! And the Yankee candle St.Patrick's day votive is sweet - I need to do something for decoration and was feeling uninspired until I saw that green!

  5. I Love your purple wandering cat yarn! My sock mojo is back in full force. I have one sock on a needle that i need to rip from a year ago. I need to go up a needle size because it hurts my hands to work it. Yes, It is making a supertight body of stitches and would be warm, but if it never gets finished, it wont warm anyone!

  6. Our Chloe likes to go wander around Petsmart too. I take her there to get her nails cut and then she gets a treat. Just like a child!
    I like your green socks. The stitches are so nice and even. But of course, I like the purple yarn even better! Anything purple is the winner in my book I hope you have a wonderful day today.
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. The purple yarn from Val is great! And I do like your green sock, but if it isn't working for you, I say put it away!!

  8. That purple yarn is a rockstar! I like the green socks. Did I miss something of why you are unhappy with it? But I say hibernate it, if you're just uninspired for now. I'm sorry about elder pup. - I'm just catching up now. xoxo

  9. Send that green sock to time out! And get busy on the purple yarn. (Is that Bruised Ego? If so, it looks more blue than purple on the needles. If not, you've got 2 great yarns going! Yeah!)

  10. The yarn is gorgeous, I love the color. Enjoy.